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    The following are the forum rules that everyone that has registered on this forum had to accept by checking a box when they registered. We have posted them here so that anyone can have easy access to them and to remind everyone of the expected conduct of forum members. If you are like me you probably don't actually read stuff like this when joining a forum. Please read the rules and make any needed corrections to your posts so we don't have to.

    Thank You.

    Forum Rules
    Registration to this forum is free! We do insist that you abide by the rules and policies detailed below. If you agree to the terms, please check the 'I agree' checkbox and press the 'Complete Registration' button below. If you would like to cancel the registration, click here to return to the forums index.
    SOITC Forum Website Policy & Disclaimer
    This forum is intended for SOITC members and non Club members, is intended to be a family oriented environment. If you want to participate with others on the SOITC Forum, you will need to register. Registration is "free" and only takes about 2 minutes. A significant reason for the success of the SOITC Forum is our insistence that all participants obey the simple set of rules posted below. If you can abide by the rules below please continue and click the “Accept” tab. If you feel these rules are unacceptable, thank you for your honesty, and we ask that you please stop here.

    To insure a prompt and quality response to your question or comment, you must post it to the proper forum. Consider the following guidelines before posting:

    You shall respect any and all postings that differ with your opinions and your posted replies shall be respectful and constructive and not demean the opinions, of others.
    Failure to abide with this policy may result in the removal of any post at any time.

    You are not allowed to post the same message in multiple forums without permission from one of the Forum moderators and or the Administrator.

    The use of profanity is strictly prohibited. An "integrated watchdog" will monitor your post and attempt to expunge objectionable language.

    "Flaming" of other participants is strictly forbidden. Professional conduct is a primary requirement for participation on the SOITC Forum.

    Spamming, in any form, is strictly forbidden.

    The SOITC FORUM is a place to share information and unbiased opinions of both prospective and current DRV Product owners about DRV PRODUCTS ( Elite Suites, Mobile Suite Estates, Mobile Suites, Full House, Mobile Suites Aire, Tradition and Select Suites) including products used by DRV for the production of said units. The SOITC FORUM is not to be used as a advertising forum for the sales of DRV products by State Licensed dealers or other commercial entities.

    You shall not use this forum to receive capital gains for a commercially licensed business or small business owner’s private business endeavors except in the forum topic area designed for the purpose of accommodating purchase or sale of RV-related products among members (the “For Sale/I’m looking For posting area).
    If you are a small business owner or a commercial product representative you may not use the forum to advertise or promote your product(s), but will contact the SOITC Board for usage of the club website “Sponsors Page” posting area. Contact with the Board for this purpose can be accomplished by going to this link

    You may not use the SOITC Forum to either advertise or promote commercial endeavors. This includes direct posts, member name, URLs in your profile or signature, and active links to other sites on the Internet that further the solicitation of sales of a commercial or small business nature.
    You may include URLs or active links to commercial sites for the purpose of expanding on comments or providing additional information as part of regular forum interactions.

    If you are not a member of the Suites Owners International Travel Club, Inc., you will not be able to review or access the portion of the forum website area that is related club business (e.g. By-laws changes, votes on issues before the club, the club directory, discussions or decisions related to club events, etc).

    Posts are not allowed in which a local or state consumer action board and/or legal counsel is/have been involved. This includes posts related to future, ongoing or past lawsuits.

    Political and religious posts, pictures, links, signatures etc. are not allowed in these forums and may be removed without notice or discussion.

    The above rules will be strictly enforced. Continued violations may result in loss of SOITC Forum privileges and complaints being lodged with your Internet Service Provider. The SOITC Forum staff reserves the right to refuse and/or revoke SOITC Forum membership to anyone without notice. If a member name is banned, it may not be reinstated.

    Other than enforcing the above rules, the management and staff does not attempt to validate any comments or recommendations provided by participants. As such, The SOITC Forum is not responsible for any inaccuracies that may result in personal injury or damage.
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