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Black Tank Rinse Leak

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    I had this same problem. The leak came from the vacuum break valve on the flush line. The check valve that is in line with the vacuum break was also defective allowing tank odor into the trailer. I removed the whole assembly and just connected the lines together thus removing two problems.
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      Originally posted by a63rve View Post

      This sounds similar to my leak. The leak followed the red/blue water lines from below the shower into the basement.

      #1 I'll check the fittings in the plumbing access opening behind the shower in the bedroom.

      #2 And I will try with and without a pressure regulator.

      Thanks to all for the ideas.
      I’d like to chime in here to share what I discovered and help people who might have found water in the basement below the shower area...

      I started seeing water dripping down into the basement where factory hole is cut for the waterlines to head up to the shower. The dripping water drip
      down onto the basement floor and would come only during showering.

      I started investigating and originally thought I had a leak inside shower access panel where the shower pex connections are, as well as the backflow/vacuum breaker valves are also located. But after watching that area for days/weeks, I discovered it wasn’t the pex connections, nor was it the vacuum/anti backflow valves.

      The source of the leak was the grab handle inside the shower that penetrates the fiberglass shower mold. When someone took a shower, water would seep through the grab handle penitration, run down the back of the shower, and drip through the hole cut in the basement ceiling/RV floor where the pex lines go up to the shower.

      The fix? Silicone around the grab handle in the shower did the trick!

      Hope this helps someone and I really appreciate this forum, because your guys’ experience has help me out many times.

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