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This forum appears to be DOA.

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  • This forum appears to be DOA.

    Thought this would be a good forum to meet DRV Mobile Suites owners and learn about the product, but appears there is little to no interest in it any more.

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    Not sure what you are expecting/needing, but the forum seems to work for others, including myself...there are only about 8000 DRVs been made, and what--5% or less, maybe check in here?
    There is another forum that has several DRV/Doubletree owners active-- and Thor Owners has a DRV section. Have you looked at either of those?
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      Yes, I have all those sites bookmarked. I've gotten more "discussion" on looking for comparisons, issues, opinions, making friends, etc...

      Just want some discussion...not what I expected.

      Thanks for the reply Joe, you have a great day.



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        This forum has been a lot quieter since last year when it was shutdown for upgrades. That shutdown lasted way too long, and I suspect that many people went and stayed elsewhere forum wise. However, there are still a number of us checking it regularly, so I'm sure that if you have a question it will be answered.
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          Agee, I check the forum daily. Also check the Thor/DRV forum

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            I check in here 3 to 4 times a day just to see if there have been any new post of interest. As Joe said I think it has to do with the number of DRV units produced compared to other manufactures. I have the other forums mentioned above bookmarked as well. I think will have the most responses just because of the number of people on that forum.
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              Thank you for all the replies..I just hadn't seen much going on with DRV MS 5er discussion...Been watching this and several other sites for a little over a month when I was deciding if I wanted to replace my flood totaled TH with a MS 5er. Didn't see much conversation. I frequent this forum and Thor forum, along with a couple others on and off through the day. Nothing in particular..Just looking for conversation with those that may even own the same model as I do. More curiosity than anything else...maybe even make some new friends, Just retired last Friday at age 66, spent 42 years in manufacturing and am an Engineer. Selling our home and will start full timing near end of this month in our MS...Do have a roof issue that is being addressed by our dealer, ( Tom Johnsons Camping World in Marion NC)..It's a Thor issue and am waiting on seeing what will be done.

              thank you all,


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                Well Jim start a topic, stir the pot and all will be well!!!

                If you have pics of your roof you may want to start a topic and see what others think and may have had the same issue.

                One thing I REALLY DON'T like is you can't have a public description of what your rigs are so people may be able to answer questions better.

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                  Hey, Jim, good to see you here. I'm guilty as charged - due to the long shutdown of this forum, I just got out of the habit of checking in here. OK, so here I am - I'll try to do better in the future.

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                    There are a few of us out there who check in once in a while. There are so many other forums ( (irv2) (escapees) (Thor) that it is hard to check them every day. Like Cummins12V98 said ---start a topic ---- stir things up a little.

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                      I find this forum full of helpful folks even though I'm not a DRV owner. And active enough most of the time to get questions answered by knowledgeable people. I wish I could have chosen a DRV.


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                        I'm having problems with toilet not emptying, anyone else? Pushed down on pedal, ball wont move.


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                          Originally posted by floridalarry View Post
                          I'm having problems with toilet not emptying, anyone else? Pushed down on pedal, ball wont move.
                          Depending on the model number of the toilet you have, it may be almost as cost effective and less hassel to replace the whole toilet. I just replaced our Dometic model 210 with a new Dometic 310 that was on sale at Camping World for $170. I had a problem similar to what you describe only our foot pedal would not spring back up after flushing without lifting it up manually. Also found a small leak on the valve. Cost $60 to replace both parts but when trying to replace the spring pack, found there were two different parts with the same part number when I broke the foot pedal trying to install the wrong spring pack. New foot pedal was going to be another $50 for a new one. So...decided to just replace the whole toilet since it was 13 yrs. old. The new 310 model has a better full bowl wash design, quick change ball seal, and quick change flush valve. The new 310 model also sits higher, has a larger bowl and no lip inside the bowl to clean when compared to my old 210 model

                          Just a tip... if replacing, buy the 310 without sprayer and then just move the vacuum breaker and sprayer from old model 210 to new model 310, it will save about $40 on the purchase price between the 310 (w/o sprayer) and 320 (sprayer).
                          Rick Binns

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                            we just need to change the software platform to something more friendly and get people to migrate from 6 different facebunk groups.

                            And a net guru to run the forum


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