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Benefits of Being a SOITC Member

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  • Benefits of Being a SOITC Member

    The SOITC RV Club is new and your membership will assist a growing group of DoubleTree RV owners in the development of a social organization that provides its members interesting and educational information about your DoubleTree Suites 5th wheel and a variety of other RV subjects.

    In addition, the Club provides an informal outlet for friendly social gatherings and like-minded group activities.

    Benefits of Membership

    1. Learning about travel opportunities to Club member recommended locations and RV parks during Club social events and activities which you may not have previously considered visiting.

    2. Exchanging ideas that you find to be interesting and useful to enhance your RV lifestyle through electronic mailings, the SOITC Forum (to which you will have full access as an SOITC Member) and Club event activities

    3. Participating in and benefiting from activities and/or projects through electronic mailings, the SOITC Forum and social gatherings where information is shared about Club special interest groups.

    4. Attending Club rallies or destination locations, priced at Club savings include RV seminars, social activities and local area tours, re-establishing good friendships while meeting and making new friends who share your interests.

    5. Receiving advance notice of Doubletree service bulletins through electronic mailings and the SOITC Forum.

    6. Learning of legal changes impacting RV ordinances by State or Province and as individuals, contacting our elected officials concerning anti-RV legislation that might affect you.

    7. Share in the benefits of dealership support for hosting planned or special activities at a reduced cost.

    8. Receiving discounts for labor and/ or parts from SOITC member dealerships who offer incentives. Currently our 2007 Dealer Sponsorship Program has 18 Dealers and 2 DT RV product suppliers.

    9. Enjoying full access to the SOITC web site and forum where you can share experiences, gain knowledge about the operation of your DT 5th wheel and share the pleasures of your RV experience with other Suites owners much like you.
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    More benefits, you can read the whole forum


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      Sure, go ahead. Rub it in that I can't see the whole forum. :>)


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        Hey Bryan, I'd show it to ya but then I'd have to kill ya

        Go get that Suites now so you can put that 'not a stuck up charter member' back in your sig.
        Happy Trails To You

        Tom & Cheryl Brockman
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          Bryan, You should know that it wasn't aimed directly at YOU.


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            Originally posted by Mrhitchup
            Bryan, You should know that it wasn't aimed directly at YOU.
            I knew that. Just a little bit of my twisted humor.


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              Suite Owner

              Let me know, as a Suite owner, how to join your club and corresponding benefits.

              Thanks much

              2014 TKSB3


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                Welcome! If you go to the website below you should find what you need there.


                Bill and Joan
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                  Club Memberships????

                  I have been called many things in my lifetime, but never have I
                  been called a CLUBBY. I looked over the benefits of joining the SOITC, and
                  quite honestly I have all those benefits right now without paying any club

                  I spent much of my life working for NIS (for you TV buffs, it is now called
                  NCIS), and believe me it was nothing like the TV show. There were many
                  clubs I could have joined and paid dues to during that time, but I never
                  saw the need for letting someone else plan my life for me, I had plenty
                  of bosses telling me where to go on a daily basis.

                  I know the park in Branson, MO. well, where the May 07 rally is being held,
                  and I could stay in that park at a considerably lesser rate than is being
                  charged by the Rally Planners. There are all sorts of discounts on line and
                  locally in the Branson, MO area including free or greatly reduced tickets
                  to shows, silver dollar city, and many other attractions. Most rv parks in
                  that area get many free or reduced price tickets to most attractions there.

                  I fully understand that many people need clubs and other such things to
                  plan their lifestyles, and events, and that is fine if it works for some. I guess
                  the thing that really gets my goat is club information and powers that be,
                  constantly professing what a wonderful deal they are giving people when
                  really all they are doing is channeling what is already available through their
                  own self serving organization. Some people just have a need to think they
                  are in charge of someone else.

                  Please don't get all upset and mad at me over this post, we love our DT
                  Suites as much if not more than anyone. We spent nearly two years
                  researching and looking before we bought it, and now live in it full time
                  and are having the time of our lives. We do not however follow anyone
                  else down the road with the hassles of worrying if someone behind has
                  broken down or gotten lost when they drop back out of site, nor do we
                  worry that someone else may not be ready for a fuel, or rest stop. We
                  have many Rv'ing friends and we do meet them from time to time, for
                  informal get togethers, or at times just for a good meal and to catch up
                  on whats happening in their lives. It does not require a several day
                  stay with someone else planning what we will be doing for those several

                  Every park we have been in where there was another Suite, we have
                  always introduced ourselves and talked about Suites with them, and have
                  made several good friends this way. Actually I love the reaction when we
                  pull into parks and see the expressions on peoples faces when they see
                  our suites behind us. We also love showing our suites, and have been
                  instrumental in selling several new Suites to people we have met around
                  the country. No kickbacks yet, but we still promote the Suites and are
                  happy to tell anyone who will listen and wants to know about our
                  beautiful suites. We have had several people tell us they would not
                  show and promote unless they got kickbacks from dealers.

                  We have an 05 36RE3 and I added storage to the outside with the
                  addition of a drop nappanee window on each side behind the opposing
                  slides. Enough room for all my water hoses, and all my sewer fittings and
                  three tarps for covering the ground on wet days when I need to lay on it.
                  Nappanee window was very easy to deal with, and shipped the two 11x17
                  doors right to us in Arizonea where we were spending the winter. The doors
                  are installed and painted and are a great addition to our suites. Yes I do
                  carry a compressor and my spray guns with me, they come in handy to
                  pick up some extra money occasionally. I also contract to RV parks for
                  electrical, carpentry, and mechanical work. It breaks up the boredom at
                  times and keeps me busy.

                  Please don't think I am saying do not join clubs, but please be honest
                  about what you offer if you are running one. If you can offer me half
                  price full hookups like PA, or HC then I can see the benefit, however I
                  do not see any benefit in our running hither and yon just to park in a
                  park with other owners of Suites, and have our time planned for us.

                  We retired to get out of the rat-race of established lifestyles, so why
                  would anyone want to re-enter such an organization when RV'ing, and
                  again have schedules to keep and dues to pay.

                  Happy RV'ing all.


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                    Jungle Jim, we debated joining since we're not retired & it may be many years before we could travel to a rally. But we figure we have time to give the club an opportunity to grow & develop so they will offer more benefits to members. I figure our dues will also help them finance these for everyone else's benefit in the interim.

                    We're usually not joiners, but have found that the RV forums especially of "owners" are invaluable. So our dues are helping to fund it.

                    We are waiting to hear if the Ford dealership has found us a new TV. While checking on the website of our current insurance agent, I found that we can save money by having a RV Association Membership. Am hoping this means being part of the SOITC or DoubleTree will eventually give us some kind of discount. Tried the Camping World GMAC & their discounts disappeared after the first year.

                    So does anyone know if SOITC or DT will help us out in the insurance department????
                    Vickie & David
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                    Working Fulltimers since March 2005: Lucky us, we get paid to live like this !!!


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                      SOITC Insurance Sponsor


                      After the initial rally in Goshen IN May last year, SOITC gained the sponsorship of Farm & City Insurance Services Your RV Advantage at . They shall be sponsoring a ice cream social at the Branson 07 Rally.

                      We found out about them from a current SOITC Board member who had been shopping for good insurance at a reasonable cost. Further more I recommeded to a friend of mine, who doesn't own a DT product, that after talking with them, they maybe a source for RV insurance. Bottomline, he purchased their insurance coverage, found it better than what he currently had and much more reasonable then what he was paying.

                      They, Farm & City Insurance Services, are listed on the Sponsors tab at the SOITC home page at Hope this provides a successful and postive lead to your inquiry?

                      Wayne Rothwell
                      SOITC Board member


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                        Hey JungleJim,
                        I too have an 05 RE3 and dont understand the window storage thing. Could you post a picture or something? Always looking for more storage.
                        Happy Trails To You

                        Tom & Cheryl Brockman
                        2015 39DBRS3, 2011 Ram 3500 Dually Cummins
                        S.O.I.T.C. Charter Member
                        Retired & Full timing


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                          Hey Hitchup

                          Best to call DT direct if you want to know what they will do for ya, I see only shadows over owning a suite from the SOITC and its exclusivity policy.

                          If you like clubs, more power to ya, but don't look for many discounts that you can not get on your own, they are there for the asking, club membership not needed.

                          Most DT dealers are very willing to work with DT owners, and happy to have their business, or at least that is what we have found around the country. There actually are not that many DT owners or dealers out there yet, comparitively speaking, but all we have dealt with have been very helpful and accomodating. We bought a new 20K Husky hitch from one much cheaper than we could have gotten the same size hitch from Camping World, although we do shop Camping World stores. I buy all of my Protect All products from them, they are cheaper than most Walmart stores on many RV'ing items. I don't mind paying for a service or membership or whatever you want to call it if there are clear benefits to it, and thus far Camping World Presidents Club saves us far more than it cost us.

                          I have called the DT factory on several occasions and I always find them very helpful, they have a warranty rep right there, and he will do whatever is necessary to keep you on the road and happy with your DT product. When our hydraulic system failed, he set up the appointment at Capital RV in Bismarck, ND for the recall upgrade to be done, all we had to do was show up and in two hours our system was upgraded. DT warranty rep made sure the parts were all there before our appointment, and called us and informed us they were there. Sorry, I really don't need a club for that.

                          I still fail to see what being a member of SOITC would do for me, other than exclude DT products owners who chose not to join, and in my estimation thereby casting a shadow over DT as a whole. We will see how DT feels about it when my letter is answered.

                          Happy Camping and following winds.


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                            hey 2Da Wds....If you will e mail me at [email protected], I will be happy to send you pictures of the storage I added to our RE3. I ordered the windows (doors) from Nappanee windows (the people who make the outside storage doors for DT), and the total bill for the two doors was about 75 bucks including UPS shipment to me in Arizona. Put the word STORAGE RE3
                            or something like that in the subject line, so I don't delete it as a spam. I get well over a hundred e mails a day, and many are just spam from places and people I have no idea who they are.

                            If I have it I will also give you the phone number for the company, they are very helpful and easy to deal with and from my dealings with them there are only about three people in their office, so no problem getting things to people that need them.

                            Happy Camping and following winds.