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Another DRV/Xantrex Issue (UPDATED)

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  • Another DRV/Xantrex Issue (UPDATED)

    Today, we received a letter from DRV Suites regarding the wiring of the Xantrex inverter into the Mobile Suites. Apparently, they have not wired them correctly at the factory and have sent out a letter to those that have purchased within a certain time period.

    Naturally, we have to be one of those as well as applicable to the Xantrex inverter recall.

    Curses upon me for getting rid of my flatbed scanner. So, lacking that, I have photographed the pages of the letter to include with this posting so that purchasers of 2010 models of Mobile or Elite Suites units can check to see if it applies. It is likely that a letter will also be sent to those affected, but just in the off chance that some of you are on the road and away from mail, this may be helpful. Those photos will be below. If you can't read them, let me know and give me an e-mail address and I'll e-mail you copies.


    Edit: I had the letter scanned into an Adobe pdf file for those that would prefer that method. However, the image originally was black and white and really dark. The second attempt to scan it in in color made the file too large for the forums capabilities.

    Thus, if anyone wants a good clear copy of the Adobe pdf file, let me know with your e-mail address and I'll send it.
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    Terry and Jo

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    Thanks for providing this information. I haven't received a letter yet, but with you information it will be easy to check.

    Steve & Denise
    2008 F-450
    2010 MS 36TKSB4


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      Thanks for this information. Mine was also wired incorrectly. Glad you were on top of this!