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  • Repairs of Toppers

    I was told by a Elite Suites owner tonight that they have had their Toppers fixed by DRV with new topper covers, new brackets, which gave the toppers more slope and a brace in the middle of the roller, to keep them from bending inward. He told me his toppers were the same as mine. Has anyone heard of this new style brackets yet.

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    This is what we need bad. I will check with them next week.
    Marshall & Nancy

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      I just talked to a guy yesterday, who has the very same Dometic Toppers on a Newmar MH. His toppers have rollers in the middle. He said that Dometic says that any topper over 8 ft is suppose to have them and that it is in their installation instructions. Oh and his brackets are just a little different, but are upside down also giving the toppers more slope. His originally was like mine without the center brace. Newmar fixed it, but also had to replace his toppers due to being stretched out and had to replace the roller/pole also because it bent. That's the same problems I have, my rollers is bent, all 3 of them and my topper material is all stretched out in the middle.


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        Dometic does have the bracket for the center of the roller in Black or White. When I was at DRV in May, We drove 10 miles south to the dometic shop and bought 3 center bracket ourself. Because DRV would not stand behind their unit. And they would not replace the crappy toppers that are all stretched out either. They do for some but screw others over. Just my opinion.