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Exterior Wall Delamination on 2017 Mobile Suite

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  • Exterior Wall Delamination on 2017 Mobile Suite

    Experiencing significant wall delamination of exterior walls. Largest area is approximately 3.5' x 4.5' and growing, with several smaller areas visible as well. 2017 RSSB3 (April, 2017).

    Issues is causing wall panels to crack at seams, paint to crack and gap.

    Notified Warranty department. Waiting for feed back

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    Hope you get it resolved--probably ought to be planning for a trip to Howe, IN.
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      It sickens me to think they would repair it and not replace it being less than one year one.

      It's our 3rd Mobile Suite since 2006. We have never experienced issues like our 2017. Cooperation from DRV has been less than friendly to this point which is very disappointing.

      I have identified 7 areas, on both sides of the coach, that have delaminate so far that range from small of about 1.5' x 1.5' to large of about 4' x 5' ...and growing.

      I really don't want a brand new rebuild when I purchased a brand new unit of such high quality.

      Time will tell, I will keep the post freshened up from time to time.


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        what can one expect when DRV is now owned by Heartland which is part of the Thor conglomerate. Its quantity over quality, Count the number of different units produced under these corporations umbrella.


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          I reached to Chris Hermon, President Heartland RV & DRV Suites on three occasions to date directly through email. Our expressed concerns for customer service, wall delanimation, and horrible paint job on our 2017 Mobile Suite, and third Mobile Suite since 2006, didn't even interest him enough to respond to our letters.

          This would never have happened with Dave under the original ownership. DRV Suites is definitely not who they used to be on multiple fronts. Even Warranty seems entirely focused on cost & spend rather than our customer service concerns. It's been a fight all the way.

          New buyers should read our post with keen interest. They look beautiful and now cost from $110,000 - $170,000. We don't feel they should never have these issues. DRV even boasts on their website wall building video that "the possibility of wall delamination is eliminated" with their process. That's BUNK!


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            Not something to look forward to, but...time for a lawyer?
            2005 36TK3 #1869
            2010 F450 Lariat


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              In all fairness I needed to give them an opportunity to make repairs as the warranty process calls for. Rightfully so, I cannot and shouldn't take that step until I have it back and that's still another few weeks. I'm afraid you are correct this time.

              They just don't seem to care and that's not the DRV Suites we fell in love with...


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                What was the outcome?

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                  So, is this thread dead? Still no status or outcome more than a year later?
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                    I have a 2014 RSSB4 41' and I recently noticed some delimitation of measuring about 3 x 4 ft. I was under impression that should not happen to the DRV. What I would like to know is that a big repair? Since mine is out of warranty, I will have to bear the expense. So far there appears to be no internal damage. I hope they don't give you a hard time with your warranty repair. I have been staying in RV park temporarily and have met several other brand owners who are very disappointed in their units. Some are brand new and having major problems. It seems the industry in imploding. They are going to ruin a good industry with their sloppy workmanship. I guess the Japanese or some other foreign competitor will have to step in and save the industry like they did the auto industry many years ago. Seems our american builders need some stiff competition to get their act together.