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  • Bearing Failure

    While coming home on Sunday I lost the passenger side rear wheel apparently due to bearing failure. There was no indication of oil leaking and the temp was checked just prior to this happening. These are oil bath bearings with approximately 20,000 miles on them. The tire and wheel are gone probably in the middle of some corn field. There is damage to the side of the coach but not real serious. I have parts coming from MORryde but they will not stand behind their warranty. They told me they will not cover oil bath bearing failure, so much for their 5 year warranty. I am replacing it with greased bearing and they are sending seals for the other three which I will have pulled and grease packed. I am very disappointed in MORryde but will just bite the bullet.

    Bill Collier
    2013 38TKSB3
    Bill & Linda Collier
    Betsey our Cocker
    2016 Ford Super Duty F350 LB 4WD
    2013 Mobile Suite 38TKSB3

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    I would advise contacting Kevin at Kodiak! I have done so in the past and he was VERY helpful.
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      Join the club, WHC. I lost the left rear bearing on my 11 38RSSB3 on Sun, Aug 11 in Knoxville, TN on I40. In my case, the wheel and tire hung on thanks to the brake assembly. It was ugly though and the tires were (sigh) 2 days old. I had the sealed bearings that have been a known problem (unknown, of course, to me until now). I spent 5 hours getting roadside assistance and limping to the dealer in Knoxville on one left wheel. I am counting that tire as toast as well due to the massive overloading. I am replacing BOTH axles with greased bearings sine I don'y want a repeat of this in the future. The repair manager at the dealer told me that the design of the sealed bearings in for vertical ONLY loading and these 17.5" wheels are offset loading the bearing with side thrust which drives them to eventual failure. Why weren't they recalled?? I guess the travel trailer/RV industry is not held to the same standards as the automotive industry. Too bad no-pne has started a class action against the manufacturer for this known problem to force the issue. It is going to cost $1599 for the first axle; then, I get a deal...$100 for the second...likely since it is a known problem.

      Steve and Janet Gay
      Mason, OH

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        stevencgay this is the time you should be getting the MORryde IS system installed!!!!!!!
        39TKSB3 "Highly Elited"

        2015 RAM LongHorn 3500 Dually CrewCab 4X4 CUMMINS/AISIN RearAir 385HP/865TQ 4:10's 37,500# GCVWR "Towing Beast" "HeavyWeight" B&W RVK3600


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          Sorry for your problems,but boy, did someone feed you a line of crap and then got you to pay for it! The sealed bearings have an excellent history and many people get years of service out of them. I noticed yours is an 2011 model. Ever service or check them?
          The "offset" is a function of the wheel design. Zero offset wheels are redily available just about everywhere. They are what came from the factory on your trailer.
          Feel free to try, and finance, a class action. IT IS NOT A KNOWN PROBLEM



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            I agree with Bill--I have the NevRLubes on my '05. With at least 100k miles in 9 years, no failures. I replaced them once at 5yrs (7k axles) due to an upcoming AK trip; I replaced those with new 8k axles in '15; I am currently returning from another AK trip with that set and have 0.19 offset wheels. The first 2 sets showed to be in good shape. The warranty used to be 100k/5years, tho I don't know how one would verify mileage.
            My wheels were originally 0 offset, but I have installed Centramatic balancers that account for the current offset. I don't know of anything but 0 offset installed by DRV with the NevRLubes.
            2005 36TK3 #1869
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              We just had the exact same thing happen to us.The trailer is also a 2011 38 RSSB3, and had Neverlubes. Lippert offered the same bill was $3100....but that doesn't include the trailer fender and skirt fender that now need replacing.
              Also stranded for 2 weeks in the middle of nowhere.

              I, too, wondered why there hasn't been a recall on these things. The Lippert guy had a list of questions to cycle through about the event...accident to others, injuries, fatalities, etc. So this is obviously a known issue - to them at least.

              There wasn't any sign of impending failure. If I had known the wheels could just go flying off at 60 mph, I don't think I would have ever bought this trailer. We have the TST tire system as well, and there was no alert. If my daughter hadn't been driving behind us, we wouldn't have known we had even lost a wheel until even worse, perhaps a fire, had happened.

              I'm just so grateful that when the tire went careening across the Interstate, that it was a Sunday , we were in upstate New York, and we didn't cause a catastrophic accident to other cars on the roadway.

              We are thinking of selling the trailer now.