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    Has anyone had success with Counsel to pursue matters against DRV or HeartlandRV?

    Due to fees I'm looking for attorneys with experience dealing with RV issues and DRV or Heartland in particular. It's too expensive to pay them to learn the ropes.


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    PM me--I may have a weak lead for you.
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      I am copying and pasting, below, information I originally posted on September 6, 2016:

      As some of you may recall, I have posted several messages on here about my battle with DRV to get them to reimburse me for repairs that should have been covered under warranty. I had a recurring Schwintek slide out issue that was ultimately attributed to the fact that the slide out opening was not square (structural issue). I paid $2,000 to have the slide out opening "squared-up" and DRV refused to reimburse me for this expense. This repair was completed in September 2015 and I had been in communications with DRV, ever since, to obtain reimbursement. Chad Olinger was my point of contact with DRV, and he refused to accept this repair cost as DRV responsibility. I then filed a claim with the American Arbitration Association (AAA) (as specified in my DRV warranty), but DRV ignored multiple notices from the AAA to comply with proceedings, so AAA dropped the claim. My next move was to contact an attorney who sent a letter to DRV requesting reimbursement. DRV initially responded to my attorney but then went silent. My final, and successful move (as suggested by my attorney) was to reach out to Thor Industries (the parent company to DRV). I know that there was a lot of hand-wringing when we found out that Thor purchased DRV, but (at least in my case) Thor turned out to be the remedy that I was seeking. I wrote a detailed letter to the General Counsel of Thor Industries and sent copies to the President and CEO of Thor and my attorney. The letter included a history of the situation, with receipts and photos, and (upon suggestion of my attorney) specific language about the type of suit I would be filing if I did not receive full reimbursement of my claim. I sent the letter via certified mail. Within two days of notice of receipt of my letter, Chad Olinger contacted my attorney and I received a reimbursement check about a week later. I think that it is safe to assume that Thor lit a fire under DRV. I have listed my contacts with Thor, below, and also have provided information regarding my attorney. She is based in Ohio, but licensed in Indiana (the home to DRV and Thor), and she is experienced in product liability issues.

      Thor Industries, Inc.
      601 East Beardsley Avenue
      Elkhart, IN 46514-3305

      W. Todd Woelfer
      Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

      Robert W. Martin
      President and Chief Executive Officer

      Jennifer M.Brill, Esq.

      70 Birch Alley, Suite 240 PMB#24081
      Beavercreek, OH 45440
      Email: [email protected]
      Main: 513-448-0149
      Direct: 937-242-6661
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        Central PA Camper I will call you this week about this, Wingnut60 I would also like to know who you may have in mind. Contacting W. Todd Woelfer may hurt any case you have against DRV Luxury Suites and THOR. W. Todd Woelfer will pass you off to Penny Shoup who is Legal Counsel / Corporate Secretary for DRV Luxury Suites. They also use a third party recording service to record all calls without your consent. You wont even know your being recorded no beep in back ground. See link to DRV, LLC.


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          I only have some press notices about legal actions against mfg/dealers thru RVDaily report.
          2005 36TK3 #1869
          2010 F450 Lariat


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            This is the attorney we used regarding our claim with Keystone RV last year. He is very good at what he does. Might be worth giving him a call.

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              Thank you both.

              I will reach out to review our case.

              I'm hoping that we get our coach back possibly this week. They've had it since 02-Jun.


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                Unfortunately Byron nor Jennifer can assist me. I need counsel admitted to both the IN and MI bar to proceed.

                looking for more personal references. My energy is fading and I'm growing more angry by the week.

                11 weeks at the factory and still no coach.


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                  Did you guys ever get help?