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  • Does DRV answer?

    Apologies if I put this in the wrong category; not sure where to post it.

    I send a question to DRV via their website ("Contact us" form) and have yet to get a response by email or phone. Does anyone know if someone at DRV actually monitors their website emails? Other than calling them directly, how can I get in touch with someone?

    I'm hoping to be the owner of a used MS within the next week or 2 and am also hoping to be in the Elkhart area for a rally in September. I would like to arrange a factory tour but wanted to know whether, if there was any custom work I wanted done (like swapping out a king for a queen bed and/or building a desk) if it's something they can and would do, and what the costs and timeframe would be.

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    Drv definitely does custom work. Call the number listed on their website and ask for Kyle Miller, I don't know his exact title but he's in customer service. If he's not the right person to talk to he will guide you to the right person. Another suggestion for custom work is Indiana Interstate, owned by Paul Cross. He used to work at Drv, now owns his own shop and gets great reviews. I'm not sure what city he's in but it's right around Elkhardt. There's an amish man that does a lot of cabinetry work in rv's, also in the Elkhardt area. Nick Russell, who is a fulltimer and publishes a newsletter had him build a custom desk in his motorhome. Look at his website, I think it's, you can send an email directly to him and he will give you the name. A factory tour of Drv is really interesting, we have owned 2 Drv's and really like the well insulated units. You found this owner's website and it's an excellent resource for Drv owners.
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      Can't help with the factory responding--seems like some have great luck, others-nothing. As to custom work, the above mentioned Paul Cross/Indiana Interstate/Cross RV does custom work. Back in '09, we had the peninsula on our 36TKE changed to an island with almost unnoticeable cabinet work. I would recommend him for a desk anytime. The town is Lagrange, about 8 miles straight south of the factory and about 1 mile east.
      Also, for the tour, just call the number to find out what days/when they are.
      By the way, what year/model are you looking at?
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        We've been on two factory tours. I always emailed customer service. The 2nd time through, we went on a Carriage tour on Mon and DRV on Tues. Someone from the Carriage tour mentioned he had been on the DRV tour the week before. His friend popped in on Tues and went through the tour with us. We may go on our 3rd tour later this Summer as we are going to be working in N. IN next month.

        Their website now says: Factory Tours are held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10am eastern so please call ahead and schedule your visit with us.

        We ordered our 2009 custom in 2008. Two years later, we had Paul Cross get DRV's cabinet maker to build us the built-in dining buffet that wasn't available in 2008. We went to DRV parts directly when we needed new cabinet door frames and other small changes. Might think of some more projects if DH can't do it for me in the next few months.
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