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  • A huge thank you!

    I want to give a shout out to the (private) seller of my RV - or should I say soon-to-be home on wheels.

    This sale was dependent upon my selling my house first. The house sold within days of listing it back in March and we were given a closing date of June 5th. On June 3rd we were given a time for the closing, so we vacated the house, loaded up all our possessions in our mini van and headed towards the destination (a 1200 mile trip which we took our time to get to, stopping to visit our daughter over the weekend).

    During our drive down, we got a call from the lawyer saying the documents never arrived so the closing would be the next day (Friday). Oh, no problem. But then Friday came and went and no info was given except we're delayed until Monday. Got an email over the weekend that the lender said we would be clear to close on Wednesday, which was the day we were scheduled to arrive to buy the RV. Today is Friday and needless to say, Wed, Thurs and Fri have come and gone and still no one will reveal what is going on and why this is being delayed, especially since the buyers have been approved. There are no liens or other property to be sold either.

    Anyway, the reason for the shout out is because of the overwhelming generosity of our sellers. Despite not having left a deposit and now not even having a closing date so we could afford to make the purchase, they invited us to MOVE IN to the RV anyway. Not just have a place to sleep, but to move all our belongings in and set up our home! We have full hookups in their driveway which is also very convenient. Their very trusting attitude is that the closing will happen eventually and we can stay as long as we need to until it does. Plus, they won't accept a dime for rent. And if that isn't enough, they are doing lots of routine maintenance stuff that we would have had to do (such as replacing the anode rod in the heater, filter in the water filter, cleaning the fantastic fan sensors and much more). ALL of this unnecessary and way above and beyond the call of duty.

    Plus - they are really just wonderful and kind people.
    Cheryl B. in her new DRV

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    Very nice sellers and trusting souls! Good luck to all
    Jan & Thomas
    2012 Mobile Suite 36RSSB3 #5942
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      Its nice to know there is still people in this world who just trust! good luck


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        While I don't know if the seller of Cheryl's future home wants to be named, I will state that he was one that has given me grief in private messages before. But, finding out the reason for the (unwanted) sale of his Suite, and finding out the good treatment he had given to Cheryl and Mitch, I have to give him Kudos and hope everything works out well for both the buyers and the sellers in this deal.

        Good job, Sir. I have great respect for you now. God bless.

        Terry and Jo

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          Nice to hear the positive review about the sellers.


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            Original post was 3 years ago--but the situation was unique...
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