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  • Millenicom Data Usage

    I just received an email from Millenicom advising that I had gone over my 20GB limit and to call them if I wanted to continue service until the end of the month. I called and said yes, bill me the additional. Then I checked my usage and I was not close to the 20GB as of yesterday. Called customer service and they confirmed I had not used 20GB. I asked if they could cancel the request I had with the billing dept. and customer service did.
    Happy with the customer service. Not so happy that billing sent out the notification. I asked customer service if this happens and the response was it does happen.
    Lesson: Check usage before paying for addition GB. Would have saved me some headaches.
    Think I will upgrade to the 4G. Still using 3G.
    Lon & Barb Myhre
    2010 MS 38 TKSB #5313

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    I sure like the 4G after switching from 3G.
    Marshall & Nancy

    2013 Elite Suites 38RESB3
    2011 GMC Sierra 3500 HD DRW 4WD Duramax
    Solar 880 Watts, 24V


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      The monthy charges are OUTRAGES. Too bad they have no compatition
      LeRoy & Dorothy DeVries
      Fulltimer RV'ers
      2008 Mobile Suite 36TK3 | 2009 Ford F450 Hauler


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        I just discontinued service with Millenicom. I used the service primarily with an iPad and found that the MHS291L didn't allow the iPad and another computer to be connected at the same time without major lockups to both systems. I activated my iPad's Verizon monthly share everything plan with 16GB of data for $90 per month (no contract) and use it as a hotspot for other computers to access the internet and haven't had problem one. Slightly less data per month but rock solid connection, great speeds, and I can go straight to Verizon for any issues instead of through a 3rd party.