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Has anyone bought from RV's For Less without visiting before ordering?

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  • Has anyone bought from RV's For Less without visiting before ordering?

    We are getting ready to order our Trailer, and I know that a lot of people really like RV's For Less.
    But, has anyone ordered one just meeting over the phone without going onsite?
    We know what we want (39 DBRS3), but visiting their Dealership is very difficult before delivery.
    Your thoughts?

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    Yes, we only went to dealership to pick up our 41 RSSB4. Best price we could find and we checked others. A real joy to deal with. That is where I will go for our next rig. We are about 900 miles away and well worth the travel. Great dealership.
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      Understand they are a good company, but I think you will make a much better decision by going there, looking at the units on their lot with the owner then siting down with her to go over your needs. Bought our first DRV from a good dealer who really did not know all the ends and outs of the unit. We are buying second unit because we did not deal with right knowledgable person in the first place. On our second unit, which we have on order, we spent at least eight hours going over every detail to make sure we got things right this tme. In my opinion, you are spending way too much money not to make proper time commitment for your purchase.
      Good luck. We love the DRV brand and that is why we buying our second one.


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        If you know EXACTLY what you want over the phone is probably fine. We drove from WA State to Oklahoma to Rolling Retreats and spent two days and one evening with Alicia going over options and different ideas to come up with the perfect RV for us. Well worth the trip.
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          If you are very familiar with the brand and are very sure of your model and all options, you will be fine. It helped us to visit several dealers and get their perspectives. This forum was very helpful also. We were not on site when we placed our order, we made many custom reqests, and they were quite patient and helpful. They also invited me to shop the build sheet around.

          They are good people and will treat you fine.

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            I'l vouch for them being a good dealer. I talked to them several times on the phone, stopped buy on the way home, and ordered after that by phone. They may have what your looking for in stock, however, I too would say it would be better to go and look, and talk, if your going to order a unit. I dealt with Ken, and you won't find anyone more knowledgeable.
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              I've actually heard good things about Tiara, RVSforLess, and Rolling Retreats. Also, I agree that you should check with different dealers to see what kind of prices they can give you. Talk to them specifically with what you want in your trailer, otherwise, you could see a variation in the prices from what you might expect. If you talk with Alicia at Rolling Retreats, ask her about her custom designs. I know for a fact that she designed a kitchen that a number here on the forums like.

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                Ordered from Las Vegas.. Drove all the way cross county to buy from rvsforless. I picked it up my self.

                They offered the best services of the people I called.. And I called a bunch. They answered my questions quickly, and correctly.. and offered some guidance that proved very valuable in the end.. example is adding the 2" lift on the trailer.. I needed it, and did not know it.

                They also are the number one dealer for DRV in the country, and therefore can and do offer the best pricing.. They really good people, and would not be worried about a long distance deal with them.. on anything.

                Personally , I don't like a kitchen that removes stuff.. or the closet..and then get charged extra money because of it... not worth the cash in my opinion. I like keeping my stuff in cabinets as well.. keeps the trailer looking neat.

                Also, It was nice to get a good price up front from Rvsforless.. and not a "mistake" on the quote.. or have to beat them up.. or meet comp another guy.. Be wary of quotes that have mistakes.. cause if you don't catch it.. you will pay it.. cause that dealer won't fess up and tell you... In fact some will add some money on purpose.. or hide it in a customized option.

                Good luck..
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                  Even though we visited RVsForLess twice before ordering, we actually found our factory visit a bit more informative. During our factory visit we learned something about the '14.5 model year change of which RVL wasn't yet aware (I know this because I asked RFL about it after the factory visit). That actually prompted us to change our minds on the floor plan we had originally planned. I feel it's important to talk directly with the factory if one is planning some customization.

                  That said, RFL was a pleasure to work with. They will bend over backwards to make you happy.
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                    Amen to the factory tour. That is what really sold us on DRV.

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                      We purchased a stock unit from RVs for Less. Everything was handled with Ken over the phone and via e-mail, we scheduled a delivery date and arrived on Monday, May 12, 2014. The techs were still completing the make-ready, and we had one change made (the installation of an inverter and transfer switch to power the residential fridge when traveling) that was handled flawlessly. RVs for Less provided a site with hook-ups for us to stay overnight, and we completed the move from our 2004 MS to our 2014.5 MS around noon on Tuesday, completed the paperwork, handed over the check and left Tuesday afternoon for a week's camping near Gatlinburg, TN. The make-ready guys sweated all the details (they had actually started the make-ready the previous Wednesday), and everything worked as advertised during our week in Gatlinburg.

                      We drove from Houston, TX to deal with RVs for Less and have no regrets whatsoever regarding our decision. We would highly recommend them to anyone who might be considering them as a dealer for their DRV product.

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                        As long as you know EXACTLY what you want in your new coach, you should be able to handle everything over the phone. We went by there twice and saw then at the rally this past year and still took about 3 hours going thru a 38RSSA they had in stock before we finished our build sheet. We made a lot of changes and went into each area of the trailer like we were living there, looking for things we would like to have done differently. Ken was a big help in some areas and he thought we were crazy in others.... In the end, our unit felt like "home" from day one....
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                          Originally posted by tktoth View Post
                          We are getting ready to order our Trailer, and I know that a lot of people really like RV's For Less.
                          But, has anyone ordered one just meeting over the phone without going onsite?
                          We know what we want (39 DBRS3), but visiting their Dealership is very difficult before delivery.
                          Your thoughts?
                          Bought a stock unit (2015 41RSSB4) in August 2014 from RVSFL. Couldn't have been treated any better and it was done almost entirely via phone. They have a good reputation in an industry that is loaded with some less than honest dealers. I highly recommend them!
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                            We ordered our DRV through RVS4Less nearly 3.5 years ago without visiting first. While we have enjoyed our unit, we will not be purchasing it's replacement from them when the time comes.

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                              We ordered our first custom sitting in a dealer's office. But it was from an emailed floorplan and we had no idea of what finishes would look like, as the dealer didn't have any samples. But we were pleasantly surprised at how it turned out with our changes upon delivery.

                              So we were confident on our next one. We tried online negotiations with 2 dealers in 2012. One being RVs4L and the other Rolling Retreats. Karen didn't offer us a good trade, she tried to add options (like heat pumps) we didn't want and acted rudely when I asked her to remove them from the quotes. Alicia on the other hand, offered to drive down to San Antonio and look over our unit to give us a fair trade valuation. But then we started to hear about the Schwintek slide issues, so dropped it.

                              While in MN 2013, we drove over to WI and checked out a new 2014 Estates. They were trying to push the one in stock and said they couldn't get one from factory in time for us. So we decided to contact the factory on new floor plans and restarted negotiations with just Alicia. We got a great trade $ and a fair price. Plus extra options we hadn't considered, like the Alicia kitchen and 3rd AC.

                              We thought we were going to be in TN for delivery, then we were moved to MO. The factory also had delays. By then we were in SW KS. So it worked out perfect for a weekend drive to OK that turned into a very long weekend because of icy wind, snow and low temps. Being onsite was so helpful. Even though we had owned 2 other Suites, there were quite a few changes and a few factory goofs. Slade also had extra moldings, so picked up a few of those to make some upgrades and repairs.

                              I would like to add that the 2014 we looked at was different than what we received. We got a few of the 2014 1/2upgrades because of the delays. But we didn't get all of them. So looking at any Suites and thinking that's what you will be getting, well - unless things have changed under new ownership, it doesn't matter if it's by phone and email or you talk to them directly. Because by the time it hits the factory line, it can end up with some very different and usually better features
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