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    I am curious about where others store their canned goods. I have kept mine in bins in the bottom of the corner cabinet under the sink from almost the beginning. We took out the lazy susan a long time ago and that has worked pretty good for canned goods but I was wondering if somebody had a better idea. It is getting a little harder to reach back and grab a can of green beans or peas. Any suggestions? Thanks

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    We store ours in the lower section of the pantry and dishes in upper section of pantry by refrigerator.
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      This sounds stupid but I try to keep our canned goods at a minimum. We just got a 2010 RSSB3 and so far my canned goods all fit in the wall pantry. I do like to cook but grocery stores are ever very far )
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        Delaine is very good about keeping and storing can goods. As stated we are normally close to a Grocery store, and we go at least one or two times a week. We very seldom eat out after we get set up after moving. We learned its cost to much to eat out and you always tend to eat to muc. We also feel that our Mobile Suites has plenty of storage for our needs. GBY....
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          We keep ours in the wall pantry too.
          Good luck with your new unit.
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            We keep ours in the lower section of the pantry, dishes in the top half. We also keep tension rods on every shelf so when it's time to move, the Suite rolls but not the canned goods!
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              I know this says for the ladies but here is my two cents worth anyway. My darling wife reads with me, but does not post on the forum.

              Our RE3 has the standard floor to ceiling, two compartment/door pantry and no matter how much I stress that we need to keep things in there to one can high, ours is always stacked two high minimum. My DW is old school and you just never know when an army might stop by for dinner, and you don't want to have to drive the one mile or so to the store to get something, after all we were just there yesterday, day before, and yes the day before that.

              Now, all that being said, we have never had a can roll, jump, or dive out of the pantry during travel even stacked three high. I think it is a testament to the quality of our unit, after all if those little slide out shelves will hold all that weight while rolling down the road and not lose anything, must be a very solidly build pantry.

              Under our sink is all the things we seldom use and all the cases of soda pop that we must keep just in case. LOL Hey it is her home and she can set it up any way she likes as long as she leaves the basement to me.

              Happy RVing.


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                I bought a can holder (like a portable lazy susan) and I place it in the cabinet. It does take up some space, but it keeps everything organized and easy to get to.
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                  We keep our cans in the pantry and do try to limit them to 2 cans high. We keep the things we don't use as much in the corner under the sink. We also put those little tension rods up in the pantry to keep things from falling out. It seems to work for us.
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                    I keep most all my canned goods in the island cabinet (the end of the cabinet has a shallow area that was designed for a trash can, but I had them put shelves in). The shoebox size plastic bins fit perfectly in there, and I can get 6 cans in each bin, and 2 bins/shelf times 4 shelves. Other food supplies also go in bins, and are stored above the sink, in the cabinets on either side of the microwave, and more in the skinny cabinet to the right of the fridge. We don't scrimp on food stuffs though as you can imagine with the amount of places to put them - the suites are built with loads of storage in mind for sure! We have all the conveniences of a S&B home still, but we just started the full timing - so over time we might cull out some things. Something like the breadmaker (we haven't used yet), the cuisinart, vitamix blender, fry daddy, turkey roasting slow cooker (17 quart crockpot basically), smaller crockpot, and the canning equipment could at any time be subject to "downsizing" if we find we're overweight at some point. However, since the truck doesn't care about the weight we pull, it's only whether or not we're over on the actual carrying capacity for the trailer. Time will tell - we've only been full timing for a month now, so who knows what will be down the road.

                    I love these "idea" threads - I can always get more great ideas from them!

                    Happy trails,

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