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  • Stress of moving

    We only move our "home" a few times a year. A few weeks before it's time to relocate, I usually get into "panic mode" & feel the stress building. I get somewhat anxious because it means packing up loose items in totes, securing in cabinets, tossing, rearranging, etc.
    As I love HGTV, I was watching a "Sell this House" episode where someone living in the same house for many years had trouble packing their "things" up to move. That's when it hit me, I hated moving from house to house, too. Dragging kids, tools, stuff & more stuff across the country or across town was always a big ordeal. Plus you now have to find where to put everything in the new place.
    Now it really only takes me just a few hours & we're on our way. What could be easier. Especially since it takes even less time to unpack & we're back in business. Stress gone.
    Add your Comments or Hints on moving your Suite.
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    We have found that living full time in our suite and DH also working his 'real' job, that moving as much as we have this summer is difficult for DH. We seem to be moving about every ten days, thus I really don't think that he is able to truly relax.

    Keeping our stuff organized in the plastic totes has been the biggest help, bought a label maker and each tote's contents are labeled .... keeps things simple. Now if I can find a way to keep the pantry organized!


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      The last box was unloaded and the movement are gradually went away. I felt like cardboard boxes and moving vans had become a part of our lives. Suddenly, my to-do list became important. I saw our children playing with empty boxes in the yard. They seemed so happy at the moment, but I knew that the reality of change soon settle in.

      In our 10 moves like a family, had seen my children go through a rollercoaster of emotions - from excitement to apprehension from sadness to acceptance of happiness. Connect to our new community as soon as possible if you make a large difference in their adjustment.

      To smooth this transition, the first thing our family did was to share something that is appreciated on the movement as "our house" or "our family together." This helped everyone focus on what really matters.

      The next thing I did was find a church. This is where connectivity began - with a place to worship, grow in Christ and make friends. A house church gave us roots in the community and a place of belonging.

      Another important step was to participate in the community. Every time we moved, I put our children participating in a favorite activity or sport. When we moved to Arizona, who temporarily lived in a hotel, waiting to get into our new home. I looked up soccer leagues in the phone book and saw his son and a daughter from our hotel room. Not only I learned my way around town by having to look for soccer fields, but the friendships with other parents also formed our first football game and we still have those friends today. Our family motto quickly became "join and participate in - that's the way to make a friend!"

      When our children were young, I walked our neighborhoods and look for new bikes, swings, toys - any sign that the children could live. It was fun to slide an invitation to your door for moms and children to come home for a play date. When our children were older, let them invite some of the children in their classes to our house to eat pizza and popcorn for my kids might know more about them.

      If you have moved recently, you may be thinking, What about me? How can I begin to take root in this strange place and start all over again? Make a deliberate choice to do whatever it takes - whether it is joining an aerobics class, to become involved in a study of the Bible, volunteering to help a good cause or come to someone like yourself, you need a friend. Over time, his last picture is decompressed, the world around you will become familiar, his family settled in, and you begin to call this new place in your home.


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        I'm retired US Army 26 years, so I'm kinda familiar with moving. If I had known about the Mobile Suites (5th wheels) I would never have live in a stick house in the USA. When moving the conventional way stick house to stick house took days. Living in the Mobile Suites only takes a hour or less total, to be rolling. We did 6,850 miles this past summer and was in at the least 12 different RV Parks. If we were moving stick house to stick house it would a taken months. However it was a learning curve, we at first were taking STUFF we didn't use, guess we though every storage space had to be full. If we don't use it we don't take it... Since we do no cold weather, clothes aren't a big issue. My Delaine hates to pack a suit case so we have a large suit case on wheels. Next Friday we will move again, will be going to our Winter site in Sebring, Florida, will return to home base in April 2012.... We are ready now, just move the Fridge item and hook-up and we are rolling. Happy Trails....
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          I just realized this is a "Ladies" forum so I deleted my reply.


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