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    Starting our full time lifestyle in a couple of months. What cleaning products do you recommend for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry soaps, etc.?

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    Similar to the house, we use 409 for most jobs and Pledge for the wood.
    I still try different things for the shower but have been reaonably happy with Ka-boom.
    I do use a spray polish for the Corian on a regular basis And a stainless steel polish for the sink oncee in a while.
    We tried the laundry packets from Costco but didn't think they did the job, so just use any HE laundry detergent.

    Mostly its whatever you want
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      HE powdered detergent works best. The liquid make a greasy build-up in the front-loaders.

      I have tried many different things, including going non-toxic like vinegar/baking soda. But many I end up tossing, like Bar Keepers Friend. I mostly use Windex for quick cleaning on appliances and countertops. Kaboom in shower and bathroom sink. Plus Lysol and furniture polish wipes. Also have Lysol cleaning spray to sanitize the kitchen sink and countertops occasionally. Toilet bowl in Dawn liquid dish soap, because that's what I wash the dishes with. We deleted the DW.
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        Thank you! Just wasn't sure if there was anything specific I should use or avoid using. The tips you both gave were helpful.