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  • Welcome Everyone to SOITC Forum

    On behalf of the President and Board of Directors of the Suites Owners International Travel Club (SOITC), I would like to welcome you to membership in the Suites Owners International Travel Club Forum.

    Our club was formally created on May 28, 2006 and since then, the Board of Directors has been working hard to create an exciting organization that provides real value to its members. This 'Forum' is evidence of our comittment to our Club members and in addition offers the general public who may or may not own an RV an open forum to discuss their interests and learn about RV'ing.

    This Forum is open to anyone to use. If you are not presently an owner of a DoubleTree (DT) Suites 5th Wheel RV, we invite you to 'register' with the forum in order to post topics that interest you. Upon registration, you will become a member of the SOITC forum. There is no cost and the only risk is you will learn about RV'ing and contribute to the knowledge of other users of the forum.

    If you own a DoubleTree 5th Wheel Suites RV but are not yet a member of the SOITC we invite you to first register on the forum, then apply for membership in the SOITC. When your application to the SOITC is received and approved, you will be able to enter and use the forum topics that are only of interest to DT owners.

    When your application to join the SOITC is approved, be sure to visit the club website at to order your club decals and name badges. You will find the necessary form and instructions under the Membership link on the home page. These decals can be affixed to your Select, Mobile or Elite Suites RV so you can be easily identified as a member of SOITC by fellow members you pass in your travels. Badges will be particularly useful at our annual rallies and other club events to help your fellow members get to know you by name.

    And please return to the club web site regularly to read monthly updates of the activities of the board as we continue to further the development of your club.

    We thank you for joining the SOITC forum. If you own a DT Suites 5th Wheel RV, we look forward to receiving your application for membership in the Your comments and suggestions about how we can make this forum more useful to its members are welcome . Contact the club at any time at

    Best Regards,

    Lee Benfield
    SOITC, Treasurer

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    Let me introduce myself..

    My handle is Huck, my DVs handle is Dodie.

    I have been lurking and reading the threads for about a week.
    I thought I would post and tell you all a little about us.

    We are fulltime RVers living in our 2005 MS RE3.
    We have been RVing for about 10 years, but have only been fulltimers for one year.
    We did the snowbird thing for a couple years, then one day just took the leep of faith and sold our house and moved into our fifth wheel.

    I am a 48 year young semi retired machinist/tool maker, working up north in the summer and workamp or volunteer down south in the winter.
    DW Dodie is also 48 and is retired and disabled with ruemitoid artheritis.

    We preasently have two fifth wheels. One is a 2004 CrossRoads Paradise Pointe that is FOR SALE. And our newest one is our 2005 DT MS 36RE3 #2163, that I am getting to know very well.

    I enjoy reading all the interesting tips and fixes here on the forum. I hope that I can be an asset to this wounderfull forum too.

    Thanks for letting me introduce myself and my DW. Looking forward to hereing from you all and shareing with you all too..


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      Huck: Welcome aboard, as a fellow tradesman (retired general machinist snowbird) I will state your trades experience will serve you well with your RV ownership. These things provide plenty of opportunity for the "tinkering" which I enjoy doing. When you encounter something that you feel needs a little modification or repair, don't hesitate to apprise the rest of us as that's how we can help each other out with solutions to the niggling stuff.


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        We are Delaine and Lindy, I'm Lindy, I'm Retired Army and my wonderful wife is a Retired RN. This is our 5th 5th wheel, we had a 2009 Landmark by Heartland and just ordered a 2009 Mobile Suites 36TK 3. Needless to say we are very excited, and look forward to getting into the MS. We were full timing until Jan 2007 when Delaine's Mom had medical issues. We want be full timing but we will be some timing, will be in Gulf Shores for Nov and Dec and return to TN for Christmas and then go back to Gulf Shores and get the MS and go down to Florida for Jan and Dec. Looking forward to meeting more Suite owners over the roads. GBY.....
        Delaine and Lindy

        2012 Chevy Silverado 3500HD DRW's (TRADED)
        2010 Mobile Suites 38 RSSB 3 (Vanity Slide) #5057 (SOLD)

        Trailer Saver Air ride TS 3 (Sold)

        Pressure Pro System (SOLD)

        "WE ARE BLESSED"


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          Hi everyone, let us intoduce ourselves.

          I am Tom and this is Gloria. Trust me she is looking over my shoulder. I am the typer in the family. We both just recently retired. I worked 35 years as a computer programmer for Aetna Inc in CT. Gloria worked for the State of CT for 35 years as an appeals referee doing unemployment hearings. We have been lurking for quite sometime and feel now is the time to get involved. We are about two years away from getting the rig. We have never RVed before but are looking forward to it. I will have a million questions between now and then. Some have already been answered by lurking. A little more about ourselves we are both 57 just born 15 days apart. We are waiting on the rig until our daughter gets married. The date is October next year. Gloria wants her to have pictures in the house she grew up in. One of thoes sentimental things. After that the house get's sold. We already have a house in FL where will will spend the winter but the rig will be for comming back north and where ever else we want to go. We are thinking 50/50 right now. We have been to one RV show and saw a lot of rv's. We haven't decided if we will buy new or used but we have decided that DRV will probbly be the one chosen.
          Then I have to find a truck to tow it. We have our work cut out for us. From what I have been reading you all sound like a great bunch of people and I look forward one day when I can actually contribute. Sorry for the length I type as fast as I think. Just a note I do not fill the vision you might have as a computer Geek. I am actually very mechanically inclined. When I was working I enrolled in trade school and got my diesel certification. I work part time now repairing marine diesel engines. So fixing rig problems should not be a problem even if I have to tear it down to the skeleton. Okay I am done. Look forward to my questions being answered.


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            I am new to this forum and joined because my wife, Cheryl and I are interested in buying a MS. We are hoping we can learn more about them from this forum and gain some insight into the lifestyle of fulltime rving as well. I am retired from the Air Force after 24 years of service and went back to work for them after retiring. Cheryl works as a loan underwriter at a federal credit union. We are both preparing to leave the work behind and just travel in a rv. Anything we can learn from the seasoned rvers will be great!!
            Don and Cheryl Catoe


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              Welcome .....

              Hi Doncat, Welcome to the SOITC. I'm sure you will get all the help and answer to any questions. If Delaine and I can help let us know. Have fun doing all the reseach. Hope you can you Suites in time to be at the National Rally in Tennessee next year. We just had the 2010 Suites Rally in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Wonderful time, and got to see many of our Suite owners family. We are still in Colorado will return to Tennessee in Sept. GBY...
              Delaine and Lindy

              2012 Chevy Silverado 3500HD DRW's (TRADED)
              2010 Mobile Suites 38 RSSB 3 (Vanity Slide) #5057 (SOLD)

              Trailer Saver Air ride TS 3 (Sold)

              Pressure Pro System (SOLD)

              "WE ARE BLESSED"


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                Hi Everyone!

                We are a couple of years away from DH (Bob) retiring from the Dept. of Defense, and I (Kathy) am an Asst. Mgr. at a local ice cream store. We have a 16-year-old daughter who will be graduating in 2013. We have 4 retired racing greyhounds (3 of them are over the age of 9), one of which will probably be traveling with us when we retire. We are excited at the prospect of full-time RV'ing once he retires, and we have been doing extensive research. We have our top two RV 5th wheel picks, one of which is a Mobile Suite. (Well....OK....I like the Elite Suite, but I need to be realistic!). We have been to the Hershey RV show last year where we really "caught the RV bug", and plan on attending a rally being held this September in the area. Since we have never done the RV thing before, there is definitely a lot to learn! I read extensively on the different forums and have learned a great amount already. We are thankful for this forum where we can continue to learn and make a well-informed decision when it's time to purchase.

                The following is from another forum, and after reading it, it really struck home.
                "What we found out after moving all of our stuff to our dream home....was that we did not own our stuff, our stuff owned us. We had to provide a place for our stuff, watch our stuff, take care of our stuff, repair our stuff and dust our stuff. NO MORE."

                We are more than ready to sell the sticks & bricks and get into a smaller place and free ourselves of "clutter" and "too much". There is gonna be one mega garage sale this spring! And the spring after that...and the spring after that. We are looking forward to learning as much as we can here, and then hope to meet you all on the road or in the campgrounds in the future.

                Safe journeys to everyone. GBY
                (Bob and) Kathy


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                  We are really new to this forum. We are anxiously waiting for our MS 36TSKB3 to arrive so we can get it loaded to head out from this deep freeze we are in. I have been lurking here ever since we became interested in the DRV rigs. We finally pulled the trigger and ordered one on Dec. 28th. Once we are loaded we are off to Alta for some skiing and then south to sun and hopefully enjoy our new MS. We want to become full timers, all that is standing in our way is finding a buyer for our present home and acerage.
                  2011 MS 36TKSB3 moved down the road with 2012 Longhorn Max Tow


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                    Hi Tom & Gloria

                    Did you ever find the right truck for your rig? If you are looking again I have a 2005 M2 Business Class I'm selling. Private party not a dealer. Send me an email if interested. Thanks, Jack & Diana.