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    Any Spyder riders in the forum? How are you toting your Spyder around? Hydrolift, Idaho Tote? Looking for those that have gone before me so as not to blaze a new trail in the wrong direction.

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    I donít have a Spyder but I do have some experience with a Hydralift used with a towable. My old Excel fifth wheel came from the factory with a Hydralift that I used for 5-years. The Hydralift itself is a very robust and reliable device but itís a compromise in many ways. I wouldnít do it again but to be honest my habits changed when I bought a permanent winter spot for my trailer. Plus Iíd be surprised if any DRV with or without 3 axles has the capacity to handle 1,500 lbs of lift and your chosen toy.

    Iíve seen the Idaho Tote in use many times on a variety of fifth wheels and the owners seem to swear by them. As you probably know, the Totes have their own swiveling wheel allowing the unit to be solidly mounted like an extension of the fifth wheel. Very little added weight to the trailerís chassis or suspension. You would have to store the Idaho Tote when not in use but Iíve had to move one around and theyíre very light. I hear that some states consider it a double-tow situation so thatís a consideration too.

    2018 MS 38 RSSA, 2017 Ford F450 Lariat


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      You have basically confirmed what I thought would be the case. I have only seen the Hydralift on a CC and a NH 5th wheel. The tote is an interesting solution. Thanks for your response.