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Problem getting water pump to kick on.

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  • Problem getting water pump to kick on.

    Each year after putting water back into our 2013 Elite Suites after being winterized, we have a heck of a time getting water to the faucets. It is usually the water from the garden hose but this year, it is the pump that won't work. When I turn on the pump, the light comes on at the display panel next to the switch and also in the water utility cabinet outside. I suspect that there is a pressure lock somewhere as the pump is rarely used. Has anyone had this problem. Tomorrow, we could get pretty thirsty. Thanks in advance for any help. kindest regards, David

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    Is the pump running? If so, disconnect pressure side and turn it on again. No water, not priming. Raise water level in tank, clean suction filter, check suction side for air leaks,or replace pump is all I can think of. As to water from the hose, system is simple to track flow. Disconnect at inlet of main filter, do you have flow with hose on? Yes, re-connect to filter, disconnect on outlet and see if any flow with water on. This should isolate where the blockage is.
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