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    Hi All,

    Thought as a new guy I'd offer some good info since I'll be picking your brains a whole lot.

    Last year when my cell contract with Sprint expired I switched to Verizon for one reason, they had GPS on the phone.

    My review of it is one word, awesome.

    All you do is put in the info of the place you're going and it talks you through the route. If you miss your turn it reconfigures the route and gets you there.

    The only down sides I've found is that if you are going someplace distant you need the address and it doesn't warn you of traffic jams.

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    gps on cell phone

    AT&T Tilt (8925) has built in GPS. Downloading both or either Google Maps for Mobile devices and Microsoft Live Search. Live Search offers fuel prices and traffic.
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      Cell Phone & GPS

      All cell phones with 1X technology have built in GPS which you can disable on your cell phone menu.

      Different vendors offer packages on cell phone routing that will give routes and "ping" the cell phone to verify routing. There is a cost to this process.

      The last time I looked at the cell technology; the mapping and tracking was no match to garmain and other vendors i.e. map quality and off route alerts.
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        Live search


        Add LIVE SEARCH to your phone. You can get traffic updates on your route.
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        2006 ES TK3 #3068
        1999 International Weirs Towmaster


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          Has anyone found a GPS unit that lists RV parks or State Parks?
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            mia moov 200

            you just have to get in there and edit the poi settings.

            hope this helps...
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              I downloaded an App on my iPhone for RV Parks from a former Fulltimer. He added CG's in our area, after I emailed him that it was missing the one we're currently sitting in. Haven't moved since the download, but it should come in handy traveling to our next location.

              We're not Escapee's, but they also have a Free App available.
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                Apple Iphone....

                Delaine has the Apple I phone and its awesome. A few months back we went to look at the small computers for ease in handling to use when rolling down the road. The saleperson at AT&T suggested the I phone, well if I'm back in her area again I will buy her a Kids meal . I didn't get a upgrade at the time but I think I will get the Apple I phone. Just like a computer except you can put it in your pocket. GBY....
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                  I have the Verizon Touchpro 2 and it is great. I use Google maps with the built-in GPS and it shows traffic as well as poi's from google. It costs nothing. Verizon wants $9.00 a month for their GPS function. The TP2 is a windows based computer (6.1 Windows Mobile) with a sliding Keyboard. Would not have a phone without the sliding keyboard. Great for texting and sending Word and Excel docs. as well as downloading your email and browsing the web. ie: SOITC Forum!!!! Oh and I also I use it as an Internet wireless WIFI router. That way I use my Laptop and Eileen can use her laptop and we use the broadband service I already pay for if there is no wifi at the park we are staying at.
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