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  • Disclaimer Notice

    To all SOITC Members,


    Over the past 16 months many members of SOITC have participated in the 5thWheelForum. Many active discussions have taken place and good information has been exchanged on the 5thWheelForum.

    However, this notice is to clarify that SOITC is not affiliated with the 5thWheelForum, it is not the voice of the SOITC nor does it represent positions of the SOITC on matters related to your Suites. As a reminder, all official SOITC communications will take place on the forum or website at

    Our goal as Administrators and Moderators (we are SOITC Club members) is never to intervene in a thread. We welcome all users suggestions for improving the forum. Forum and SOITC Club policy prohibits selling/giving email addresses or other personal information to anyone other than SOITC members (have this information from other sources). We protect all users email addresses and remove 'cookies' when you exit the forum.

    Have a great weekend where ever your travels may take you.


    Vicki McMaster
    SOITC Secretary

    edit: add last paragraph "Our goal".
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    Disclaimer Notice

    Well I can appreciate the affilation notice, I do not think it entitles others who join this club to post their websites for profit.
    Can you folks provide rules around this notion.

    2014 TKSB3


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      Selling -On SOITC Forum

      Can SOITC develop policy with respect to advertising and puttting rules around, for sale items as posted on their web site.

      For example a for sale item posted once. Promoting a Company business not allowed. i.e .com addresses.
      2014 TKSB3