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Centre point airbags

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  • Centre point airbags

    looking to replace the airbags on my mobile suite anyone know where I can order replacement from

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    Recently replaced one of mine due to a leak. ordered from

    The TruckSpring.Com SKU is FIR6761 which is a Firestone Double Convoluted Air Spring -286C Style - 1/4 NPT Combo Stud. Cost $145.50.

    Very easy to replace, just make sure you completely bleed the air out of the lines first. Otherwise removing the line from the push to connect fitting is near impossible. Also, when reinstalling, it's best to cut off a very short piece off the end of the air line so that when it is pushed into the fitting, it is mating with a better formed shape of the air line. Over time under pressure the plastic air lines will deform slightly at the end of the line where it is in the fitting.

    have fun!



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      I assume yours are losing air??? If so pump them to 100psi and let sit overnight. That usually helps.
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        Agree on the 100 psi. Another suggestion is to mix up a soapy water solution and put in a spray bottle. with the 100 psi on the system, spray each connection of the air system. What I found was that the push to connect fitting, where the rubber hose interfaces with the plastic air line, leaked. Replaced the connectors. Which meant contacting Lippert and getting new hoses with the fittings. Could not locate the brass fitting by itself. Then I found that the air bag itself was leaking. The bag leaked where the rubber is molded to the metal mounting plate.

        Again, changing out is pretty simple. Took about a half hour to R&R the bag and hoses.



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          When I damaged one of ours, I ordered a replacement from Lippert. David
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