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Looking for a Standard 2" Receiver to fit 2012 Mobile Suites, 36TKSB4

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  • Looking for a Standard 2" Receiver to fit 2012 Mobile Suites, 36TKSB4

    Are there ready made receivers available to fit Mobile Suites trailers?

    Looking for a 2" receiver to fit the rear of a 2012, 36TKSB4.

    I probably would never carry more than around 500 or 600 pounds. Current needs would be around 80 pounds, including the cargo carrier.

    If these receivers are available, who sells them?

    Thanks in advance...

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    Are you looking to add a receiver hitch to install a carrier into or are you looking for a recommendation on a carrier to put in an existing receiver hitch.

    I have added a receiver hitch to my current fiver. I searched for a while to find a generic one I could bolt or weld up. I could not find one that would fit properly. I finally went to my local welding shop and had them custom fabricate a receiver hitch for me. It cost about the same as buying a pre-maid hitch and having it installed. I like it much better than any pre built hitch I could find because it fits exactly how I wanted it to at the exact height I wanted it at. I could not accomplish this with any manufactured hitch.

    If you are looking for a carrier. I have a LetsGoAero carrier that I really like. It is a covered carrier that keeps my items out of the elements. It also has additional brake/turn lights that plug into a 4 pin connector for added visibility. LetsGoAero makes several different style carriers.
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      Thanks for your reply.

      My interests are mainly in having a receiver installed at the rear of my trailer.

      We are staying in Charleston, SC for a couple of months, and have determined that a "ready made" receiver is probably NOT my best solution. I'm in the process of checking local welding shops/mobile welders.

      I looked at link for your carrier. Their carriers are interesting for sure. At present, I do not have that need.



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        If you have a good welder install one, something else will fall off before it does....and it should carry more than the factory is rated for.
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          I had mine custom made and installed. As I also looked for a premade unit and could not fine anything that would come close to fitting our rear bumper design.
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            Since a receiver is not really needed at this time, while living in our camper, we decided to avoid packing up and towing across town to a known hitch welding shop. (This shop does not provide mobile services.)

            I haven't yet located a trustworthy local mobile welding service (Charleston, SC).

            If necessary, I will wait until we return home to have our receiver fabricated and installed.

            If anyone knows of a good mobile welder in the Charleston, SC area; I would appreciate receiving his contact info.



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              Anybody could attach a picture or drawing, or explanation of how and where receiver is connected to the frame? Frame is not exposed anyhow on Mobile Suites, and I am not sure how to reach it. Do I need to make a hole in the rear wall cover, or in the bottom?