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A/C Condensation on Ceiling - Select Suites 36tk3

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  • A/C Condensation on Ceiling - Select Suites 36tk3

    Just bought a 2007 Select Suites 36tk3, and have taken a few trips the past few weekends during this heat wave. If we run the A/C in the living room and keep the main vent open (you push the white handle back and forth and it will direct air straight down when open or if closed air will be directed into the ducts) it cools great and other than the noise of air blowing works great. If we close the vent (and force air into the ducts) we notice that the plastic becomes very cold and we get condensation build up on the ceiling all around the unit. Sometimes there is so much condensation it will drip on the floor and countertops. This happens more in the living room, but we do get some in the bedroom when running that unit.

    Is this a common thing - we have been camping in VA and NC which has been hot and humid outside, but not uncommon for summer. I have searched many different sites and i have never seen anyone else complain of condensation on the ceiling inside the camper.

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    I can't answer your question, but if you would post this under the category of "Problems and Repairs" above, you will have a better chance of getting a reply from someone who has perhaps experienced the same. Here under "Rules and Policies" it may not get noticed as very few probably even look this far down on the forum.

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      It seems I am the only one who has this problem. Hmmm....


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        Originally posted by jhoynacki View Post
        It seems I am the only one who has this problem. Hmmm....
        Apparently so. ;-)

        Actually, we had a similiar problem with our 1 and only AC unit in a 40' Open Road 5er. It would mainly condense on the grills, not as much on the ceiling. But it was enough to drip on the floor or your head as you walked underneath. It would also continually freeze up. We were in humid FL, SC and NC at the time. But it was a different brand/model than our Suites, so didn't offer any suggestions.

        The only suggestion the dealer in FL gave us was, it was normal to freeze up and we should run the fan on High rather than AUTO. After only that first summer and 10 mos of fulltiming, we traded the OR for an Elite Suite and never had that problem again.

        Have you checked online for a user's manuel to see what the troubleshooting section may have as a solution? Without the brand and model, we can't help much.
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