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  • No or Slow slide out

    2009 MS36tksb4 - Door side slideout will extend 1/2 - 1 inch and stop. Have to retract it and repeat the process, sometimes several times before it will extend, and then very slowly. Retracts just great. I can have the bride operate the switch and get it started with a good shove, but have to climb on the counter to do that. Currently waiting for the day when it gives up entirely. I'd suspect the pump motor except it's new and the bedroom and off door slides extend great. Any suggestions as what to try would really help.

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    I suggest checking the pinion gears that the slide rack runs on. On our 2006 there were pre-framed and pre-scored access holes in the under belly cover directly below them. Our LR slide began dragging this past spring and Indiana Interstate confirmed and replaced both the front and rear gear sets the in just 3 hours this was the problem. No need to remove the slide. Good luck!
    Rick Binns

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      On our 2005, this was also the problem--pinion gearset on both ends had worn out completely. Not too hard a job to replace them, just need to access the area at both ends of the slide where the arms go into the frame. If the cutout marks are there as mentioned above, that will help. Otherwise, you will need to make a 3-sided cut with enough room to fit your head, shoulders/arms up into the belly area to work on the gears.
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        If you do have a problem with the gear packs, here are some pics to show what you can expect once you cut into the belly cover--hope this helps you.
        2005 36TK3 #1869
        2010 F450 Lariat


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          Any further info on the slide?
          2005 36TK3 #1869
          2010 F450 Lariat


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            10 days have passed since the original posting, so maybe this is too late...

            I had performance problems with my last 5th wheel (Holiday Rambler), including a bed slide shear pin that failed twice (which I changed myself while camping). With slow/limited movement, I was reluctant to use the slides (particularly the bed slide).

            Ended up going to an RV dealer and paying a couple hundred $ just to learn that I should have kept the slide's gaskets (sides, top, & bottom) clean and lubricated. Since then I have never had an issue with that Holiday Rambler, or our current 5th wheel. I periodically perform this cleaning and lubrication... its kind of crummy job, but in my opinion a necessary one.

            As the dealer explained to me, the dry gaskets sort of act like vise-grips on the housing of the slide-out. Added benefit, the slide's running gear should have less friction to overcome.

            J Rayias
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              JRayias, It may have been too late for jonesjj42, but it was not too late for me. Thank you for posting. Today the first dry day in about 10, so I'll be out cleaning and lubricating the gaskets. I'm planning to use 303 ? Did the dealer give you any guidance ?


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                Sweet Suites,

                Honestly... its been way too many years for me to recall what the dealer used. Sorry... I do seem to recall that some type of aftermarket spray stuff is sold for this purpose.

                Prior to retiring from a large chemical company, I was able to retain a very small amount of used "off spec" extremely high temp synthetic lubricant. Rather than dispose it, I kept if for future personal use. Just finish my last drop of this stuff a couple of months ago on my seals. This material was very viscous (like cold syrup) at ambient summer temps. I used paper towels to apply it.

                Next time, I'll probably search out a non-greasy, non drippy silicone based lubricant; which should cling to the rubber seals. I do recall seeing some paste type silicone lubricants years ago, that's probably where I'll start my next search.

                Cleaning the seals is vital prior applying any lubrication. No point in retaining dust and dirt on the seals with a lubricant.