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Replacing Refrigerator water line

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  • Replacing Refrigerator water line

    There was mold in the water line that runs from the bay to the refrigerator. I disconnected the line at the connection in the bay and tried to pull the line through from the bay side, with the new line connected. There is something keeping the line from being pulled through. Any idea what this could be? I looked into the mass of hoses behind the utility panel but can't see the line all the way through. I also thought of creating a new hole on the slide side of the utility bay and try to thread the new line through that, hoping to go straight through to the bay.

    Is there something in the line behind the utility bay that would keep it from pulling through that is critical? If I create a new hole and run the line straight through to the bay, will that work?
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    Don't know what unit you have, but the 2 times I have had to re-run a poly line to the icemaker, there was always an opening that was only large enough for the line to go thru, not a fitting. I carefully taped the new line to the old one and finessed it thru. What ever hole they had run it thru would not even allow for a triple-wrapping of electrical tape to go thru. If at some point you pull the old line thru and the new one has come off, I have successfully used a straightened coat hanger to find the hole. Not sure this helps any.
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      Disinfect with bleach. I'm sure your hoses in trailer and fridge made need it as well.. Run through your water pump.
      Our water supply fridge hose runs outside attached to the slide. Wrapped in pipe foam to prevent freezing. PIA.
      just fixated my ice maker. Motor module replacement DIY 20 minutes 4 screws. Stay handy.
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