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  • Rotten floors

    If I buy a new DRV, is this something I should just plan on dealing with at some point, or are there many happy owners out there that haven't experienced this wonderful part of ownership?

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    You usually hear about this issue from the same people repeatedly. Yes, there have been issues with water getting in and rotting floors on some of the DRV's. However, I can tell you that when the DRV management team asked about 100 owners. Who had experiencrd this issue, at the meeting at the 2019 SOITC International Rally this past June, 2 raised their hands. So, can it be an issue, yes. Is it every unit, no, at 2%, far from it.
    Rick Binns

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      I concur with Rick, we were at the same meeting as Rick and he's absolutely right! Are there problems with water intrusion? For some yes, most NO! Pay close attention to the caulking, if it looks questionable to you have DRV or your sealer address it. There are a lot more people pleased with their DRVs then there are that "wouldn't buy another.

      While we were at Twin Lakes RV Repair in La Grange IN a few years ago Jay noticed our caulking wasn't looking so good, we had him re-caulk the entire RV! I'm REALLY glad we did, especially since (recently) reading about some of the rotted slide floors! We have a 2015 38RSSA and we have had NO issues with water intrusion. That's not to say we have been "trouble free", we have had issues but nothing so serious I'd not buy another DRV.

      Good luck in your search for an RV.



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        There are more than 2% in number (2 of 100?) that have mentioned that problem on some of the websites. I have personally run into maybe 10 owners with repairs needed, and seen several in shops for the fix. For myself, no problems in 10 years with an '05, and now 2.5 years into the '15, no slide floor problems. Might just ask RR, RV4Less, Paul Cross how many they repair...
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          I personally look to this forum for recommendations. Issues that I have had, some one usually has a fix. Full time in a DRV for 13 years yes there have been issues. Far less than others on my journey. Leak issues always. Floor rot seldom.
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            I purchased a left over (no warranty) 2018 MS that was technically 1 year old when I bought it. I purchased the unit sight unseen because of price, desired floor plan, build configuration, and a belief that I could fund almost any foreseeable repair and still be way ahead. Naturally until my PDI, I was sweating bullets having read over and over about water penetration and delamination issues with DRV’s. Sure enough, I was able to see personally what other owners (some in this thread) observed about improper sealing and fitting from the factory. The fiberglass roof was sealed adequately around most protrusions and yet it still required 2 more tubes of lap sealant to complete the job. The off door slide roof had a screw and two staples protruding through the membrane resulting in minor leaks. The side sealing ranged from about 20’ of perfect caulking down to no sealant at all. It’s as if mine was a training trailer with examples of right and wrong ways to seal the sides of an RV.

            After really digging in, I was fortunate not to find any soft wood or signs of delamination. The job of cleaning and resealing the sides took me about 32 hours. There was evidence that the dealer may have tried to fix some obvious areas of missing caulk and poor fitting with SILICONE which easily removed with just a tug. The side caulking is good to go now and will only require inspection and touch up from now on. The slide roof was very simple to repair and only took about an hour to permanently fix the shoddy work.

            My confidence is pretty high at this point that I will avoid the cost and frustration associated with water penetration. Living mainly in the southwest definitely helps in my case but inspection and maintenance from day one is the key with these.
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              Thank you for the insight!


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                Originally posted by aknavy View Post
                Thank you for the insight!
                You’re welcome! My wording came off as a little harsh in hindsight. In spite of the issues I experienced with the finish work, my MS is still a beautiful coach and it doesn’t really have any serious competition in it’s price range IMHO. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another one.
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                  Srosa, why didn't you get a warranty on a new trailer. Ours was a left over and included a warranty the same as a new unit right off the assembly line.
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                    Originally posted by bob schmader View Post
                    Srosa, why didn't you get a warranty on a new trailer. Ours was a left over and included a warranty the same as a new unit right off the assembly line.

                    This was a unique situation that will never happen again. I was shopping for a particular floor plan but could not find new dealer stock anywhere out west with a fiberglass roof. I was working on a deal in California for our next choice floor plan when I received a call from DRV suggesting I check out a trailer in our preferred floor plan with “special circumstances” in AZ. I followed up and jumped on the deal after hearing the price along with the fact that no customer had ever slept in or even towed the trailer.

                    I received multiple stories as to why there would be no warranty coverage but it was made quite clear from the beginning that I was on my own. The story was that a third party had paid for my leftover trailer (weeks before I arrived), had options installed, and then arranged to have the coach stored for some reason. In the middle of all that, they changed their minds and purchased another DRV floor plan off the lot. My trailer was technically “used” at that point and the dealer, having just sold two expensive trailers to one customer, was already way ahead and anxious to move on - the last part is just a theory. At any rate, I’m pretty happy with how everything worked out.

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                      There's another theory possible: No one has a problem until they do. Not saying everyone will have the problem, but, at least in my case, there were no warning signs. I had recaulked after reading about the "POTENTIAL" problem, but was too already happened. I'm not really angry about it, but I had the skills to fix it myself and not have to drop thousands of dollars.

                      EDIT: BTW, I would EXPECT lower incidence of this's easily PREVENTABLE in the manufactureing process by workers PAY ATTENTION that they are properly aligning the caulk tape to overlap the seam between the siding AND the flooring, and BETTER technique applying weather caulking INTO the seams. I KNOW this is a KNOWN PROBLEM with the dealers, as a neighbor at an RV park we were staying at had a NEW whole house he purchased I think in OK, and the owner told me the dealer advised him to keep an eye on cracking caulking.

                      Further, for mine to have a problem with it stored in a shop highlights mine may have been an extreme case. All it takes is a single worker at the plant not being careful.

                      I would just advise anyone owning or buying one, pay close attention to the caulking.
                      Just saying.
                      Finally, I believe I have a solid unit now after removing ALL the poorly applied caulking and reapplying shooting more caulk into the seams. ALL GOOD NOW!
                      Just saying.Finally, I believe I have a solid unit now after removing ALL the poorly applied caulking and reapplying shooting more caulk into the seams. ALL GOOD NOW!

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                        Unusual to say the least, but same deal happened with my 450--had 176 miles, but almost a year old. Customer "did not like the KR leather" I was told...kind of believe it, as I saw his replacement truck was a Lariat trim.
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