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TV interference from utility panel and furnace

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  • TV interference from utility panel and furnace

    OK... this has been going on forever but I finally decided to dig into it.

    I have two sources of interference on the TV.

    First, when I have the SeeLevel tank monitor on (with the dot, so it stays on for a few minutes) it causes intermittent flashes of interference on the TV.

    Second, when the furnace is running it causes continuous random tiny sparkles on the TV

    Any thoughts on why this might be happening?
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    Coax cables need to have a good connection between the sheild wire and ground. My guess would be either a loose connection at one of the connections between the antenna and the indoor selector box. Since it seems to be items in the command center area causing it, I would start with tightening any coax connections found in that area, like maybe on the back of the antenna control box, and work towards the antenna, gently "snugging" each connector with a wrench. If that does not fix it, then do the same with all antenna connections you can find betwwen the service selector box and the TV coax splitter box.

    Hopefully it is just a loose connection. If not then it is probably a bad crimp on one of the connectors. If it is a bad crimp, you will need to take each connector loose until you find the bad one. If you need to do this, I would again start in the control center area since the noise is common to both the furnace thermostat and the See Level monitor panel located in that area

    Good luck!
    Rick Binns

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