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Full House JX450 Pin Weight

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    We'll, I'm concerned all over again. I finally got a weight on my truck with full fuel and fairly close to loaded how we travel. And wow....

    I'm in a 14klbs GVWR pickup with 6000lb front axle and 9750lb rear axle. My weights are as follows:

    Steer axle: 5680lb
    Drive axle: 4700lb
    Gross weight: 10380

    Pic attached. So how am I so close to my front axle rating? I'm feeling like I need something like a 4500/5500 all over again if I were to get the Full House. Bleh..




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      Why are you concerned??? The axles are rated for the numbers you listed.

      You will only add no more than 150# to your front axle hitched.

      Bottom line you need to hitch that RV fully loaded to your truck!!!

      You DON'T need a bigger truck plain and simple.

      Forget the 14k number as it's simply there to keep the truck in Class 3. If they made the GVWR number larger you will be subject to higher licensing and insurance fees.

      The axle numbers and tow numbers are SAE rated.

      I load to full RAWR with my two axle DRV. Your three axle pin will be LOWER! Simple FACT is if I load to 9,750# and add ZERO weight to my factory front axle weight of 5,250# my truck weighs 15K. OMG!!! What to do??? Simply make sure you have the proper tonnage and carry on.

      Anyone telling you that going over the GVWR will put you in legal jeopardy is simply full of "Barbra Streisand". Tell them to PROVE it.

      I was carrying something in my truck tool box that put me a small amount over my RAWR but typically I am at my RAWR and under my FAWR and under my GCVWR. I carry proper tonnage and I am GOLDEN!

      FYI a F450 has the same 14k GVWR

      39TKSB3 "Highly Elited"

      2015 RAM LongHorn 3500 Dually CrewCab 4X4 CUMMINS/AISIN RearAir 385HP/865TQ 4:10's 37,500# GCVWR "Towing Beast" "HeavyWeight" B&W RVK3600