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    Does anyone use a water softener such as like Easy Water and/or put an additional filter on the incoming water system? We deleted the ice maker after reading someone stating they never drink the water nor do they make ice cubes with ice maker. Figured the space in the freezer was more important.
    Last summer, when we rented a 5th wheel (not a DRV) to see if we could live in one, we had it pulled to a campground onto a lot site that had not been used in awhile. The first night while showering the water smelled like it contained sediments. We decided there and then if the water smelled like dirt then we certainly did not even dare to drink this water. Not even a filtered version of this water.. So we purchased bottled water and had a Walmart filter put on the unit.
    Now that we are soon to take possession of our own 5th wheel we are wondering if people add a second filter on their units and/or water softeners to keep the plumbing in their units free of sediments and build up.
    Appreciate any input. Thanks

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    The Mobile Suites come with a whole house filter. However we always use bottle water for drinking.... We have owned 3 5th wheels with Ice maker and water in the door. We found them not to our liking and never used the system at all in our 2010 MS.
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      We had the ice cube maker removed half way though our first winter, when the line froze up.

      We've added a standard water filter from Home Depot. In winter, can't use it since we mount it on the outside between the faucet and utility compartment. It uses the same filters that the factory installed one uses. The replacement filters can be purchased at Home Depot or WalMart.

      I use a Brita pitcher w/filter for my drinking water. David usually drinks a bottled water.
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        We also removed the ice maker to have more freezer room & never used the ice either. We installed an R/O system under the sink. Willingly gave up storage room to have drinking water everywhere we go & to stop buying the bottled water (from ????...ever see those tv stories about where bottled water comes from ). Got ours from Lowes $167, on sale we paid $140. It does use more water so when we don't have a sewer hookup (rarely), we pay more attention to grey tank status. Also use a 'whole house' water filter (Lowes again) to filter incoming water before it enters trailer.
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          We use a Travelsoft RV1200 Water Softner and really makes the water soft. We never notice any salt taste, however, it will not remove the sulphur smell that you experience in all costal areas. Prior to purchasing our softner we could not get not get enough soap, especially when washing clothes. The easywater system is not effective and never heard anything positive with electronic signal waves. THis is snake oil technology. The Reverse Osmosis system is the only totally effective filtering system on the market that is accessible to rv'ers. Our DRV units do have a whole house carbon filter that helps.
          Ron & Libby Gordon
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            We use two carbon filters & a water softner (Go anywhere purchased at Camping World 5 years ago) out side and then another carbon filter in side the RV. We drink the water that comes in the RV. Bottle water is a joke.
            Dan & Darlene Vin # 6946


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              we have a spot free water softner. it is suppose to soften 1000 gallons of water but that all depends on the hardness of the water. it comes with the softner and filter. here is the website i drink the water but dw uses a pur water filter pitcher.


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                We use an additional carbon water filter on the outside and buy bulk water for drinking. It makes the DW happy for the bottled water.
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                  I agree with R gordon, we have a Travel Soft water softner and it works real good, we take our 1-gallon jugs to Wal-Mart and fill them up for drinking. (NO PLASTIC IN THE LANDFILLS)
                  A reverse osmosis would be a excellent choice if you did not have a water softner, the only draw back on those systems are they discharge about a gallon of water for about every four you use, I could be off on those figures.
                  I sold refrigs. for 15 years and had numerous problems with ice makers. Unless you are in a area that has soft water or a softner you can expect to have problems with a icemakers.


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                    Have the original factory supplied filter and use the ice-maker continually when hooked up. I make coffee/tea/margaritas with whatever I am hooked up to, but my wife only drinks bottled water. But she will drink the margaritas??? and cokes with the ice??? Unit is 5 years old--had to replace the ice-maker line this year, it had deteriorated to only pieces of hard plastic--that was a project to remember.
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                      We use the We bought it camping world June of 2007. We have used it a lot, we have had great support from the company when we had questions. We do not use the internal Mobile Suites water filter, hard to get at and messy at time trying to change the thing. We use an external whole house type filter (bought at Home Depot). We use the Zero water filter for drinking, we like it because it doers a great job and comes with itís own water testing kit. The combination of On The Go water softener, external filter and Zero drinking water filter have been a great combination for us.
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                        I have a 2005 MS with side by side re fregerator and have used the ice-maker the whole time with no problem. We do have a water softner from Home Depot for use in winter,
                        about six months. We stay in the mountains during the summer.

                        I make margarites frozen, using 6oz of tequila, 6oz of beer and 6oz limeaid.

                        Bill Carlyle


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                          I have a softener for sale see FOR SALE items
                          Rich & Grace Miller

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                            I have been making margarites this way for years. Reaction I got when making for a group was you use beer in margarites. My supervisor at Koch Refining gave me this recipe.
                            Wanda Clary
                            Don and Wanda Clary
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                              I am always amazed at the amount of people that do not use their water tank water for drinking. We have been RVing since 1963 and have always drank the water from the tank. We always disinfect the tank every spring. We spend our summers in the mountains without hookups and have never had a problem with water borne sickness. The water has to be hauled in a tank in the back of our truck. As far as filters, I use a charcoal filter when transferring it to the camper tank. Then another top of the line filter for drinking only. I just installed an Aquasana AQ-4500 in the line going to the refrigerator so we will have clean water for ice and drinking in our new MS.