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    Compare brands and costs all in one place

    Our "bottled water" (the filter) is only 1.6 cents per gallon and we don't have to store any jugs around the house! Saves a ton of money annually and it also saves on weight as we don't have lug gallon jugs that weigh 8 pounds each. It will even take out food coloring from water (a test they use to determine if the filters need to be replaced - something that only has to be done about every 6,000 gallons). Since we only use it to drink/cook with, 6,000 gallons will last a LONG time for two people! I leave the filter out on the counter 24/7 since it has a nice rubber bottom and stays put!

    Go here for the comparison of many popular filters and prices:

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      I know this is an old thread but wanted to give a thumbs up to the Berkey water system that Richard mentioned above. As my wife and i move our items from stick & brick to MScomfortOnWheels... the Berkey we use is coming with us! The system is easy to maintain, cost effective, and in stainless steel...quite handsome on the kitchen counter.

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