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  • microvawe convection oven mods

    Has anyone modified the location for microwave convection oven?
    In our ms 2011 we wanted a larger window in the kitchen than they normally put in. We had a customization there, in that we deleted the microwave/convection oven. In it's place, a large window was added over the cook top, along with 2 cabinets on each side of the window. We were planning to put the microwave/convection oven in the appliance garage, yet have been thinking we might want to modify and use the cabinet over the appliance garage.
    Last of the items to be rectified at the dealers are being completed, then to be trucked to a man/adult son team to do after market mods. In our unit we bought it minus some of the appliances like washer/dryer and microwave convection oven. We have on order, on our own, a Sharp R-930CS microwave convection oven.
    Thanks for your inputs.

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    Nuke & Blue Lady,
    First a convection oven inside of a cabinet is not a good idea. They can build up a lot of heat and inside a confined space --- well you get the idea. Not to mention the humidity that can and will be generated from cooking certain items. It will create a mold problem not to mention the swelling of wood and god only knows what else.
    I would leave the micro out so it can breath but now with the new window I don't know where to say put it. You might have to go down to a smaller standard micro. Keep us informed as to the outcome. Sounds like a lot of work but that is just some of the fun in having a new toy!!!!!!!!!!
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      Do you have an LP oven for baking?

      Each Suite is different during the model year and especially from year to year. I would need to see photos and maybe dimensions to give you my "Expert" opinion. But first thing that comes to mind, since the Sharp is a countertop microwave, do you have free space on the countertop?

      The appliance garage 'might' be wide enough, but I don't think it's tall enough (dimensions on link below) You could have had them modify the cabinet during construction to make it higher. But we always think of these things Afterwards.

      You might be able to do it after the fact through Paul Cross @ Indiana Interstate.
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        You are correct about the added heat and moisture. I ought to have mentioned we are looking to have an outside vent and adding a fan at the vent to remove the added heat and moisture. And yes we are looking at putting a protective barrier around the microwave convection oven to protect the wood. Meeting with the man to do all the mods this afternoon. He says he is a think out of the box person. A local DRV dealer referred us to him. Our unit just arrived at his place.


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          We can only assume that the work is complete by now. Care to share a few photos of the completed work?