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  • cable signal booster

    I have a '12 MS and am trying to locate the signal boost button that my 2 previous rigs had. It is a switchplate with a small button on it that I would push to enable/disable the digital boost. The park we are at now uses analog cable and my picture is fuzzy because it is being boosted. Does anyone know where this is in the MS rigs? I have the Sony entertainment system.


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    I didn't think that a Suite had the digital boost. Don't you have a Winegard box to switch between electronic components in your 2012?

    All we used to do is switch from SAT to CABLE. But now that our HD DVR's are hooked up via HDMI, we leave the W.Box on CABLE and switch the source with the television remote. Ditto for watching Blu-rays through our PS3.
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      You might try setting the on/off switch on the signal splitter box to off. If I remember correctly that is actually the switch for the signal booster. But I think that may only affect the over the air signals from the antenna, not cable.

      Sorry to confuse things, by "splitter box", I meant the Wineguard control box that Sower Volunteers mentions later in this thread.
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        Thanks for the offer of help...but I do not have a "Winegard box to switch between electronic components" nor do I have a "signal splitter box"...unless I am misunderstanding what you are referring to.
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        2012 MS Atlanta 43
        2013 Ram 3500 w/AISIN
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          I haven't seen a late model Mobile Suites that didn't have a spliter, maybe they changed in the 2011's. I removed ours, the signal spliter in our 2009 and 2010 wouldn't split digital signal. We have the roof mounted Traveler by Winguard with Direct-Tv and have two HCTV receivers. We do have the Winguard box. Good Luck.. Happy Trails...
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            our 08 ms has the winegard box in the entertainment center above the dvd player. the face is about 1"x8" and has 8 buttons to select components. there is a power button on the left to turn the amplifier on and off. if you have the unit with the dvd player in the bedroom, the unit may be there. i know what you are talking about the little button to push but as far as i know ms does not use this.