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EZE-Kleen Sewer System Purchased and Installed

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  • EZE-Kleen Sewer System Purchased and Installed

    Since Jo and I are "static" full-timers and will be wintering in Oklahoma City for a couple of years yet, we wanted something that would be better than the stinky-slinky for our sewer. I wanted some thing out of PVC to get away from water in the crevices of the slinky hose freezing up and building up. With PVC, it is more likely that all the water will drain out and not freeze up.

    The EZE-Kleen system seemed to be a good possibility, so I posted around on RV forums and a couple of different folks said that they really liked theirs. So, we bit the bullet and ordered a system. We got it installed today, and I think I am really going to like this system. It is very sturdy, goes together nicely, is adjustable in length, and is double sealed at each joint with two different O-rings.

    If you should be interested in what I bought and the minor issues I had with installing it, check out my blog entry here:

    EZE-Kleen Sewer System Blog Entry

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