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A slide sealing tip I learned at the factory

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    Originally posted by HERO Maker View Post
    Jim, would that eternabond stay on with all the rubbing, especially on the bottom portion of that angle piece?
    Couldn't say 100% that it would, but it's only 1/16" thick, and when applied, IT STICKS!!



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      Maybe best of both worlds and eternabond over brackets?


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        I placed a "Like" on your post. It was/is good info. I read it when you posted it and I found my slides were lacking sealant on the top lips of these brackets. I reasoned, wrongly, that I could just put a better bead of sealant, but in hindsight, I believe my bedroom/utility closet slide was already rotted. I should have completely removed the brackets, particularly the one closest to the kitchen. When the factory installed it, they missed the siding, and had a gap at the bottom. There was putty, but it was below the siding and where the wood floor started. We store our unit in our 60' x 60' foot shop, but as luck would have it, we typically have heavy rain on many of our trips. Just to let you know, there was no mold (fortunately), no smell, no stains, just found it when I was upgrading our clothes washer and found I was having trouble leveling it because the wood floor was rotted under the linoleum. It's worth your effort to check closely this L bracket molding on the ends of your slides.

        This thread should stay close to the top as it is definitely an important to all DVR owners.

        Thanks a bunch to the original poster!

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          great tip. Inspect for any water damage and resell. Problem with bed slide, noticed damage after wood rot started. Water entry into basement, I traced back to vanity slide. Better to proceed with resell than to wait on damage.
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            This need to be a Sticky or something. We just replaced a slide floor on a 2017 unit that we have owned for 17 months. There was ZERO sealant around the edge of the kitchen slide. The caulking at the top of the molding was the ONLy sealant to keep water out and it didn't extend in past the wiper seals.
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