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  • Aftermarket Observation / Back up Cameras

    Seeking feedback on user experiences regarding aftermarket WIFI Observation / Back up Cameras... experiences with two specific products, and general knowledge. Here's what interests me:

    1) What are the merits of Furrion model FOS48TAPK-BL as compared with Furrion model FOS43TASF?
    Here's the situation, when I started looking into various models, I became convinced that I wanted model FOS48TAPK-BL. However, I waited so long that model FOS48TAPK-BL appears to be recently discontinued and probably was taken out of production. Most every review I found for model FOS48TAPK-BL was very positive, including one owner's comments, whom I met while camping.

    Furrion appears to have replaced the former model with model FOS43TASF. This product appears to be so new, I don't find an abundance of reviews. Based on Furrion's description, it appears that the replacement model has "improved" features. My question is... is the replacement model FOS43TASF at least as good as the former (model FOS48TAPK-BL)?

    Overall length appears to be an issue with these WIFI camera., particularly while traveling. My overall connected length is approximately 56 feet.

    How well does model FOS43TASF function as a observation camera while travelling at highway speeds?

    How well does it work at night?

    2) Are there other items to consider when purchasing an Observation / Back up Camera?

    3) What other brands are known to provide excellent and reliable results as an Observation Camera and a Back up Camera?

    Thanks in advance..

    John Rayias
    2014 Mobile Suites 36TKSB4
    2015 GMC Denali Dually Diesel

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    I am not well versed on the Furrion system but just my two cents on other back up camera systems.
    We've had ours (Rear View Safety RVS-155W)from Amazon for just over a year now and were sceptic at first being wireless and not sure it would work as promised but it has done everything we've asked it to do without any issues. This is the second Rear View Safety product we've purchased, the first was a wired camera system I installed in our FR Wildcat and that worked great.
    This new wireless system can be glitchy at times but we really don't notice it and it's usually at highway speeds when I just want a peak at what's behind me. We use it to back it camp sites and tight places and it has worked flawlessly. I like that the picture is color and has lines that show the distance remaining. Hooking it up also was very easy. I think it took about 20 minutes. We tapped into a running light and we were done.
    Hope this helps a little.