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Using water from fresh tank

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  • Using water from fresh tank

    Scenario: 2019 Mobile Suites. I have water in the fresh tank and Kantleak control valve set to city water. I am not connected to a water supply (ie rest area).

    Question: Can I simply turn the water pump to use the water from the tank? I ask because a friend was using tank water in the city water position. It was an older unit by only a few years.

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    If it has the standard Kantleak control, the pointer should be to left at "Normal" to operate the pump off the water tank. Just turn the valve to the Normal (9:00) position and turn the water pump switch on. Should start the pump, be sure you have water in the tank. To fill the tank when on city water, turn valve to City Fill (6:00) position. Might be best to have pressure from city water off when switching--shouldn't matter, but several think it does. To operate with city water, have valve in the City Fixtures (3:00) position. Since the water tank holds 100 gal and the gauge inside reads in %, % reading equals approximate gallons it the tank. Also be aware, there is a second water pump valve in the service bay--you can turn the water pump on/off from there and from inside. There is a new Kantleak valve out, wouldn't know whether you have the old style or the new one--I haven't operated the new one, but pics on the DRV Owners Group facebook forum.
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      Thanks. Thatís how Iíve been doing it. What threw me was the friend in our winter home asked me for help adding water to her tank. The switch was in the city water (3:00) position. She was flowing water fine. CG water was turned off.


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        The pump will work just fine when set to city water. Otherwise when the city water fails you would have to go outside in the middle of the night to switch it. That would not be fun.



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          Agreed, Pump will work just fine in "city" position!
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            Thanks. Iíll try it next week while on the road.