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Ram quality and customer service, Do not buy

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  • Ram quality and customer service, Do not buy

    This is how Ram takes care of their problems

    Ram problems
    vin# 3C63RRKLX EG273715
    Dealer: Covert Chrysler Austin, TX
    First, I purchase this vehicle to pull a 23,000 lb 5th wheel, and reviewing the specs, it showed that this truck would be capable of towing this unit. Each year I take my trailer to Colorado as well as other places and I expected to be able to go and return safely.
    These are following things that happened
    1. Transmission computer board went out. Could not drive vehicle. The truck had to be towed into Covert Chrysler. Fortunately I was near home, but I could have just as easily been on a trip and broken down in an area where there was no cell service. What would I have done then? It took Covert 3 to 4 weeks to fix this issue.
    2. On last trip, pulling my trailer, at 21000 miles my two front tire treads separated from belt. Fortunately, after feeling the front end vibrate and dropping my trailer for some maintaince I took my truck to tire shop to have wheels balanced. That is when I was informed the treads had separated. Had to buy new tires. What would have happened if I had had a blowout and wrecked and either kill one of the members of my family or someone else. Know you did not make tires, but you did pick the tires to put on truck. Also I had previously taken truck over commercial scales to make sure I had not exceeded weight limits. On trip home had a rear tire where part of tread completely separated from belt. This was about at 22000 miles. Knowing I could not trust tires, I replace all 4 rear tires.
    3. The last issue, which again I was fortunate to be close to home and not pulling trailer, I lost both power steering and brakes. If I had been on road with trailer in a high traffic area, I would have caused a major accident, which one or more people could have been killed. That would have been Ramís fault.
    4. Again the truck was towed into Covert. Took 2 to 3 weeks to fix. When I picked up I saw that I had a crack along the lower left side of windshield. The crack was not there when truck was picked up.
    Showed the crack to Covert and they would not do anything about it. Then contacted Ram customer service and they would not do anything. This ended costing me out of pocket almost
    You can check with Covert Chrysler to see about all the warrantee work that has been done over the time I have owned the vehicle.
    Donít know how many other trucks you have trouble with, but after seeing the latest information on Consumer Reports on auto brand reliability, I see that the Ram brand is considered one of the most unreliable and the 3500 was the worst of Ram brand.
    This is a very unreliable truck and I cannot put my familyís safety in peril.

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    Sorry you're so unhappy with your RAM! Ours has served us well, that's not to say we haven't had a couple of issues but all in all I'm VERY pleased with my truck!!!



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      I blew a piston in each of my previous '09 & '10 F450 Fords, so problems aren't specific to Rams--if you read the owners forums, they all have problems. The time fixing the trouble sounds a little long, 'bout you try another Ram dealer?
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        He posted this over on RV.NET, we are taking his post as being a troll. I entered the vin into Chryslers data base with it not being there.

        He has not replied to many questions.

        We will see if he posts any info that would be of any help to others like what year the ruck is, brand of tires and WHY did he loose brakes and power steering??? The list goes on.

        YES another dealer would be my first change if this went down as said to have.
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          We just bought two new Chevy trucks from Covert Chevrolet just East of Austin back in July. Never had any issue with service. In fact we have our service done at their GMC dealership because it is closer to us. Always have a loaner truck if we need service on ours. Back when we drove Dodges we bought from them with no issues with service. Hope you get all your issues taken care of.
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            See the reply from Ram customer service. The dealer is Covert Chrysler in Austin TX

            Dear Customer:

            Case #: 32713753
            VIN: 3C63RRKLXEG273715
            Vehicle Description: RAM 3500 LONGHORN 4X4

            Hello John, After multiple attempts to contact the dealership to discuss this for you we were unable to reach anyone. At this point we are unable to continue to look into this but if you could ask the dealership to contact us next time you are in we would be happy to continue looking into this for you. Thank you Michael

            Tried to call a supervisor in Ram customer service to discuss this issue and he would not return call.

            Ram definitely does not care about their customers and they have lost my business forever. There is no excuse for this.


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              Incorrect info.
              Last edited by Cummins12V98; 11-08-2017, 12:12 PM.
              39TKSB3 "Highly Elited"

              2015 RAM LongHorn 3500 Dually CrewCab 4X4 CUMMINS/AISIN RearAir 385HP/865TQ 4:10's 37,500# GCVWR "Towing Beast" "HeavyWeight" B&W RVK3600


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                How do figure that?